For the novel of the same name, see: The White Rose

The White Rose was a woman who ended the era in the north known as the Domination by defeating the Dominator, his wife The Lady, and the Ten Who Were Taken. This occurred 370 years before the establishment of The Lady's Empire. She directed her campaigns from the Great Forest and was widely regarded as one of the greatest generals to ever live.

According to Croaker's research, 125,000 lives were lost in the battles waged across the Great Forest between the Dominator and the White Rose. While the White Rose did defeat her enemies, she was unable to destroy them. Instead, she sealed the Dominator, the Lady, the Ten, and many lesser demons in the Barrowland, and placed protective spells and guardian spirits around them.

After the death of the White Rose, the location of her grave was lost to history.

Although no chronicle specified how she accomplished such a great victory, it became apparent centuries later that her power was a null field: an invisible sphere which surrounded her and negated all magic.

Centuries later a young girl named Darling demonstrated the same unique power to negate magic. She was considered the reincarnation of the White Rose and once again became the leader of the rebellion against The Lady and the New Taken, eventually allying with her to face the greater menace of a newly-awakened Dominator.