"Whisper replied in a melodious voice that did not at all fit the wide, hard, homely woman... she sounded seventeen and gorgeous, looked forty-five and like she had been around the world three times."
— Croaker, The Black Company

Whisper was a female sorcerer and a member of the Circle of Eighteen. As a member of the Circle, she was leader of a significant Rebel force warring against and the Imperial armies of the Lady and her generals, the Ten Who Were Taken. Whisper was a talented leader and forced The Lady's armies into a bloody stalemate in the east for years, until she was eventually captured and enslaved to become a member of The Lady's Taken. Her cousin, Harden, became the most senior general of the Circle after her capture. Whisper was then redeployed to the east, where she would crush her former allies on behalf of her former enemy.

Rebel champion in the east Edit

Before the Black Company was hired to serve The Lady's Empire, Whisper fought battles against Soulcatcher at Rust, Were, and even across Plain of Fear. Whisper earned Soulcatcher's respect as a brilliant and worthy enemy. Whisper's thoroughness allowed the Rebel to maintain a strong presence in the east. Her battles at Rust left thousands dead over hundreds of square miles in the span of three years, forcing the empire into a gruesome stalemate there. She was finally redeployed from the east to help in the north after another significant member of the Circle, Raker, was assassinated in Roses by the Black Company.

Suborning the Limper Edit

Whisper was a loner, and privately conducted research into the true names of the Taken using the writings of Bomanz from hundreds of years ago. Her most important finding was the true name of the Limper, which she used to suborn him after his humiliation during the Raker affair in Roses, turning him into a traitor against the Empire. Now secretly in service to Whisper, Limper allowed the empire to suffer an infamous defeat at Roses. Ultimately he let the northernmost province of Forsberg, and then the Salient, to fall into Rebel hands. Whisper also learned the true name of Soulcatcher, but never got an opportunity to use it against her.

Whisper maintained her base camp in the Forest of Cloud, where she next planned to capture Lords from the Taken known as Nightcrawler. Her plan would then call for the Rebel to attack through the Windy Country and up through the Stair of Tear. While she was away, the Black Company stumbled into this camp and seized it from Whisper's experienced but small amazon regiment and a larger body of unprepared volunteers. Elmo found a massive cache in the headquarters building which proved to be Whisper's entire order of battle. But even more importantly, One-Eye used his wizard's skills to detect and unearth Whisper's hoard of Bomanz's ancient writings, which she had buried behind her sleeping quarters. The discovery of these writings allowed the Lady to realize that Limper had been suborned by Whisper, so the Lady planned a trap.

Ambushed and Taken Edit

Whisper and the Limper planned their next secret rendezvous in an isolated grove of huge evergreens in the Forest of Cloud. They did not know that Croaker and Raven were put in place by Soulcatcher to ambush them. When Whisper arrived, Croaker struck her in her leather helmet with a rounded-off, non-lethal arrow, and charged her, kicking her several times. He pummeled her into submission when she tried to mouth spells and draw her sword, used strips of her clothing to gag her, and cut off her hair to tangle her fingers to prevent her from using spells that only required the movement of the hands. Meanwhile Raven pierced the Limper with three arrows and hacked off some of his fingers. With both enemies subdued, Soulcatcher landed on her flying carpet. After Raven refused to finish off the Limper, another one of Limper's archenemies, Shapeshifter, arrived. But like Raven, Shifter refused to kill his incapacitated nemesis, and left. Bound and gagged alongside the Limper, Whisper was forced by Soulcatcher, Croaker, and Raven to wait for hours until the Lady herself arrived. The Lady subjected the Limper to appalling torture for an extended period of time with hundreds of fiery snakes, then had him carried off to the Tower at Charm by a massive dragonfly. She then turned to Whisper, and revealed that she would subject her to the Rite of Taking, which was a surprise even for Soulcatcher (before this point, it had been thought that only the Dominator had this ability). Whisper suffered unspeakable, epic torment throughout the time-consuming process, and in the end, she became what she hated most: a loyal servant of the Lady.

Serving The Lady Edit

Whisper played a major role in defeating the Black Watchers and destroying their Black Castle, foiling the Dominator's scheme to escape his prison.

Whisper later participated with the rest of the Lady's Taken at the Battle of the Barrowland, during which the Dominator was finally killed. In the aftermath of the battle, Silent named the Lady's name, stripping her of all her magical power. Whisper automatically lost her power too, alongside the other Taken. She survived, however, and continued living under the Empire's domain, albeit still stripped of her power. This was confirmed in the sixth chronicle, during which Otto and Hagop reported reliable testimony from Imperial officials that Whisper remained alive. Whisper and Journey have the unique distinction of escaping death despite membership in both the Circle of Eighteen and the Taken, two groups with grim odds of survival.

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