Water Sleeps
Water Sleeps
Author Glen Cook
Illustrator Nicholas Jainschigg
Publication date March 1999
Published by Tor Books
ISBN 978-0812555349
Publication Order
Preceded by
She Is The Darkness
Followed by
Soldiers Live

Water Sleeps by Glen Cook is the ninth and penultimate book of the Black Company series and the third novel in the Glittering Stone tetralogy.

Regrouping in Taglios, the surviving members of the Black Company are determined to free their fellow warriors held in stasis beneath the glittering plain. Journeying there under terrible conditions, they arrive just in time for a magical conflagration in which the bones of the world will be revealed, the history of the Company unveiled, and new world gained and lost... all at a terrible price.
   —From the back cover

Summary Edit

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