What happened before the Voroshk does not signify.

Nashun the Researcher, Soldiers Live

The Voroshk are a family of sorcerers who have taken over the world referred to as Khatovar. Their earliest ancestor came into power around the time that the Shadowmasters took over Hsien. This Voroshk male had tens of children, most of which inherited his powers to greater or lesser degrees. At the time that the Black Company enters Khatovar, their are hundreds of living Voroshk, most of whom have limited power. They are characterized by their extreme arrogance and sense of entitlement. They wear voluminous black clothing, shefsepoken, which conforms to their bodies and responds to their thoughts, protecting them from most bodily harm. They use flying posts called rheitgeistiden for aerial transportation.

Soldiers LiveEdit

The Voroshk leadership created an alliance with Lisa Daele Bowalk, who had entered their world trapped in the shape of a fearsome forvalaka. Two of the chief Voroshk men, the First Father and Nashun the Researcher, learn her language (the tongue of Juniper) and help her temporarily return her shape to human form. They also aid her in achieving vengeance on One-Eye. This draws Croaker and his friends to Khatovar. Croaker captures one member of the family after killing Lisa Bowalk, and tricks the others into blowing up their own shadowgate. This floods Khatovar with shadows and nearly causes the extinction of people in the world, particularly the Voroshk who must battle them.

Several members of the family join the Company willingly to escape the destruction in their world. Sedvod dies shortly after accompanying the group. Magadan leads a murderous, failed escape attempt and is imprisoned. The First Father and Nashun the Researcher are killed in the same battle which claims the lives of Murgen and the Howler. Arkana and Shukrat become members of the Black Company, and Shukrat even falls in love with Tobo.