Uncle Doj was a well respected warrior priest of the Nyueng Bao people.

Appearance Edit

Uncle Doj is described as being squat, having white hair with a weathered face as a result of his age and oftentimes a knowing smirk.

Personality Edit

Following the traditional Nyueng Bao attitude towards outsiders Doj is secretive and enigmatic when dealing with those not of his people. He however appears much more cheerful and amused then the rest of his people. Doj is comfortable being deceptive and sneaky when manipulating those around him to achieve his ends. He seems to greatly enjoy teaching the art of the sword and whipping anyone (though especially those he knows) into shape to the point that Croaker called him sadistic.

Background Edit

Yet to be filled in.

Plot Edit

Yet to be filled in.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Wizards Abilities Edit

Wizards Senses Edit

Doj is able to sense and detect magic whether it is hidden or not and using these senses is able to determine the purpose of said magic and if there are any traps to prevent him from interfering with it even if the concealing spells were cast by a high level practitioner like Soulcatcher.

Physical Abilities Edit

Swordsmanship Edit

Uncle Doj is a master swordsman and the primary swordmaster of his people; teaching the young men who wish to learn how to fight with swords. As such he is an excellent combatant to the extent that he is considered to fight like and worth ten men by Croaker when he has his sword Ash Wand in hand despite his old age.

Stealth Edit

When Doj does not want to be noticed he is nigh impossible to be detected even via supernatural means. He is able to slip away when people are having conversations with him and not have them notice his missing presence until he is already gone.

Trivia Edit

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