Tracker was a tall and very muscular man. He looks around 30 years old. He comes to the Plain of Fear as a courier and delivers a package to Croaker. He is accompanied by the Toadkiller Dog. He rides the windwhale for the Black Company's military operation in the city of Rust. The group is besieged there and Tracker demonstrates his incredible archery skills. His arrows kill many enemies despite the impossible distance between them. He and the dog are in the rearguard during the withdrawal operation, however only Tracker boards the windwhale for the flight home. He gets really depressed, which happens every time he is separated from his partner.

The duo is reunited once again in the Plain of Fear. They are included in the group for the mission in the Barrowland. As their activities there appear suspicious they are thrown in prison. Tracker is separated from his dog and becomes violent. He injures badly several of the guards with his bare hands. The group breaks out of prison and spends weeks in hiding in the forest. Tracker and the dog attack and wound a Taken by themselves. Croaker is eventually captured, but the rest of the group returns home.

Later in the Plains of Fear, Tracker and Toadkiller Dog, who is actually a demon escaped from the Barrowland, attack Darling and The Lady. Toadkiller Dog is driven away and Tracker becomes a servant to Old Father Tree. He fights in the Battle of the Barrowland against his former master the Dominator and is killed there.