Tom-Tom was a sworn brother of the Black Company and Wizard whose membership predated that of any other brother, including his brother One-Eye in the modern annals. He was a small man with dark skin, and he always carried a tom-tom drum, which explained his nickname.

Before the Annals Edit

Tom-Tom was One-Eye's older brother and was born in D'loc Aloc, a vast jungle on the Southern Continent. In D'loc Aloc, Tom-Tom and One-Eye (both boys at this time) were sold to N'Gamo, a wizard who wanted them as his apprentices. Shortly after, N'Gamo attempted to destroy a young male Forvalaka but failed, losing an arm and a foot in the process. Tom-Tom never forgot the experience.

The Black Company Edit

By the time of the first book of Croaker, Tom-Tom is already a hundred and fifty years or so old (One-Eye was at least this old), sustained by his abilities as a minor wizard. He was one of the most valuable members of the Black Company both because of his vast personal experiences and due to his abilities as a wizard. While his knowledge of sorcery rivalled that of his brother, it is never implied that any of the company wizards are more or less potent.

He was killed by a forvalaka, which was targeting the Syndic of Beryl during the Company's stay there. Years later One-Eye found the monster and avenged him. It was later discovered that Tom-Tom's true killer was Shapeshifter, one of the Ten Who Were Taken who assumed the form of a forvalaka in order to kill the Syndic and free the Black Company of their contract, which would allow the group to begin working for Soulcatcher, another member of the Taken.

Tom-Tom by Виталий Стрелец

Tom-Tom by Виталий Стрелец