Tobo, also known as Shiki and Thi Kim, is the son of Murgen and Sahra, and was born with sorcerous talent. He was born shortly before Murgen is trapped in the ice caverns below the Plain of Glittering Stone.

He grew up in Taglios under Soulcatcher's rule, surrounded by the remaining members of the Black Company. Tobo aids the Black Company in major and minor ways under Sleepy and Sahra's direction. He is trained by One-Eye and Goblin to use his magical talents so that he can one day replace them within the Company, as was foreseen by Sahra's mother Hong Tray.

Tobo's curious nature gets the best of him on the Plain of Glittering Stone and he is lured down to Kina's resting place. Goblin sacrifices himself buying time for Tobo, Sleepy, Suvrin, and Master Santaraksita to escape.

At one point, Lady suggested that Tobo could be even stronger than she was at the height of her own power. One of his unique talents is the ability to communicate with the titular residents of the Land of Unknown Shadows. As his power grows, so too does his control over the Unknown Shadows, until he's finally able to deploy them as dreadful weapons, much as Longshadow used Shadows from the Plain.

Tobo becomes a master of Shadowgate repair and fixes his home world's Shadowgate such that it is stronger than it ever was.

He plays a significant role in the Taglian war against Soulcatcher and her allies. He spent a large amount of time teaching the Voroshk captives and turning them into allies who helped them for the remainder of the campaign. After his mother dies in the fighting north of the Main, and his father is killed by an ambush set by Mogaba, his gentle nature is tested and his need for vengeance grows. He tortures the escaping Mogaba to death and is confronted by Croaker, Lady, and the remaining Voroshk. He overcomes his dark emotions and becomes what Hong Tray foresaw.