This is a fan-created timeline of the Black Company series. An important attribute of this timeline is the fact that the novels establish the Great Comet has a cycle of 37 years. Croaker confirms that the tenth return, when The Lady and the Taken escape from the Barrowland, is 370 years after the fall of the Domination.

For calculation purposes, the year 0 is marked here as the beginning of the Domination, and all dates stem from these two data.

Where possible, events are attached to years before or after the Domination (BDy and Dy, respectively). Sometimes, however this is not possible. When Sleepy supplies the history of the Plain of Glittering Stone, she mentions periods and gives no dates relating to those periods and the one she is in. These periods names are ordered placed relative to each other.


  • Events in the North
  • Events in the South

Rule of the Nef

Nef create plain known later as Glittering Stone.

Routes to planes open. Trade commences.

Period of Exhaustion

Armies war across the planes. Trade routes collapse.

Shivetya comes into being (imagined by the Plain or created by man).

Fortress With No Name built. Trade routes open.

Shivetya creates the Washane, Washene, and Washone.

War of the Gods

Kina arises and sweeps across the planes.

Kina is defeated. Shivetya is compelled to guard Kina.

Wars of the Planes

Planes begin wars upon each other. Trade routes threatened.

World gates and Keys created.

Shadows created. Trade routes collapse again.

Creation of roads and circles in Glittering Stone.

Before Domination

1442 Temple of Travellers' Repose founded.

c. 819 Creation of standing stones by precursors of the Free Companies.

c. 460 Reign of Niam, king of Beryl. Appearance of 54 forvalaka in Beryl.

19 The first of the Free Companies crosses the shadowgate.

6 Baron Kaden of Dartstone killed in battle.

Domination and after

0 Beginning of the Domination. Taking of the first Ten Who Were Taken.

c. 10 Conquest of Jaunt

44 Taking of the last of the Ten Who Were Taken.

100 Last battle of the White Rose Rebellion. End of the Domination.

149 The Black Company of Khatovar emerges. Probable rise of the Deceiver cult.

c. 384 Battle of Torn.

Tom-Tom and One-Eye born (about this time)

470 Tenth return of the Great Comet.

Bomanz credited for unearthing the Lady and the Taken.

Goblin born (about this time)

c. 500 Elmo, the Captain, and the Lieutenant born (in that order)

c. 510 Croaker born

c. 522 Murgen born

c. 530 Seige of Tember

Tonie "Darling" Fisk born (about this time)

538 Rise of the Shadowmasters.

542 Revolution in Beryl. The Company enters Imperial service.

Sleepy born (about this time).

543 Battles of Lords, Rust, Roses.

544 Battles of the Windy Country, Stair of Tear, Charm.

550 Ambush at Madle's tavern in Tally.

  • Croaker claims that he "wouldn't see forty again".

551 Battle of Juniper.

551-555 Battle of Queen's Bridge.

555 The Company reaches the Plain of Fear.

  • "all the four years it had taken us to get here from Juniper"

558 Battle of Horse; Battle of the Barrowland.

  • Croaker states that One-Eye is about 150, although this conflicts with his statements in Soldiers Live.

Campaigns of Willow, Mather, Blade against the Shadowmasters. Beginning of the Shadowmaster Wars.

559 Battles of Needleteeth Swamp, Ghoja Ford, Numa Ford, Dejagore.

Events of The Silver Spike

559-60 Siege of Dejagore.

564 Battle of Charandaprash. Siege of Overlook. End of the Shadowmaster Wars.

565 The Captured are imprisoned. Kiaulune wars begin.

574 Battle of Kashkhoshi. End of the Kiaulune Wars.

581 Company enters Hsien.

584 One-Eye dies at 200+ (?)

  • Croaker claims to be 58, not counting the years of Captivity.

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