The Lady's Empire was established by the Lady in the Northern Continent after she and the Ten Who Were Taken were liberated from the Barrowland. She would recount to Narayan Singh in Dreams of Steel, two years after departing her empire, that it spanned 2,000 miles from north to south, and it could not be crossed east to west on foot in a year's time.


The Lady, and her husband at the time, the Dominator, had once controlled a significant portion of the Northern Continent. This was the Domination, which lasted for about one century, and ended with the White Rose Rebellion. Then, 370 years later, the Lady and the Ten escaped the Barrowland. The Lady grew her new empire by rapidly conquering the various kingdoms which had sprung up in the aftermath of the Domination. Her new empire spanned well over a thousand miles from north to south, as estimated by Croaker on his journey from Opal to Oar, though he stated that more lay further north still. The borders of the the Lady's Empire continued to grow, decades after her resurrection, to include Beryl on the Southern Continent, where the Black Company was pressed into the service.

The flagship of the empire was Soulcatcher's massive galley, The Dark Wings.


The culture of the Lady's Empire was feudal, broken up into several separate fiefdoms, each ruled over by one of the Ten Who Were Taken, each fiefdom having somewhat different styles of governance and culture. Some were allowed to run wild, such as that ruled over by the Limper, while others were kept neat and orderly.