The Black Company Goes South Omnibus
The black company goes south
Author Glen Cook
Publication date 2002
Published by SFBC Fantasy
ISBN 978-0739428436
Publication Order
Preceded by
Annals of the Black Company
Followed by
The Black Company: Glittering Stone, Vol 1

The Black Company Goes South is a hardcover omnibus of the Black Company series from SFBC Fantasy Publishing. It includes the novels Shadow Games, Dreams of Steel, and The Silver Spike. The first two follow the Black Company as it journeys towards Khatovar and into its past. The Silver Spike is a standalone novel that tells the story of those who stayed behind.

After the Black Company has taken care of the Dominator in the north, the few survivors choose to go south to find out the real history of the Black Company and to find fabled Khatovar, the origin of the Black Company itself. On their travels south they find new friends and old and new enemies, but looming over everything is the fact that their name, the sole uttering of the Black Company, seems to strike fear into the hearts of those who hear it. It seems, the real history of the Black Company is darker than everyone could have imagined.
   —From the back cover

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