The Ten Who Were Taken were ten mighty sorcerers who were enslaved by the Dominator during the course of his empire. They were his most powerful servants and generals, each of them strong enough to defeat hundreds of soldiers on their own. They were were notoriously difficult to kill, requiring total destruction of their bodies to accomplish the task. Beheading them or otherwise maiming them would not stop them for long, due to protective spells that they placed upon themselves.

The group consisted of seven males and three females, but by the events of the first chronicle only The Lady initially knew which were the men and the women. They all dressed in full-body garb including leather, masks, and cloaks, obscuring not only their identities but also their sexes.

They were known as:

Imprisonment in the BarrowlandEdit

The Dominator, his powerful wife The Lady, and the Ten Who Were Taken were all eventually defeated by the White Rose and her forces. The twelve of them were not killed, however, and instead were buried underground in a place called the Barrowland, trapped there with the Dominator's "pet" monsters by layer after layer of powerful spells.

Liberation and service to The LadyEdit

The Ten, alongside the Lady, were liberated from the Barrowland by a group known as the Resurrectionists. To keep power for herself, the Lady orchestrated the liberation such that the Dominator himself, and his monsters, remained trapped. The Taken then served as The Lady's generals, helping her to establish her own dominion, The Lady's Empire, over a huge span of the north. However the three female Taken would betray the Lady by secretly working to free the Dominator.

During the final Battle of Charm, it was initially believed that all the Taken were killed in combat with the exception of the Limper. Later events would prove this assumption incorrect. Four of them (Soulcatcher, Shapeshifter, the Howler, and Stormbringer) faked their own deaths or simply escaped amidst the confusion, and begin to pursue their own agendas far south of The Lady's Empire.

The third femaleEdit

Although the the Black Company works extensively with the Lady and her armies, three of the Taken (Moonbiter, Nightcrawler, and the Faceless Man) are not personally encountered by Croaker, the Company Annalist, and thus virtually nothing distinguishing about them is recorded in his books. The third unspecified female of the group is either Moonbiter, Nightcrawler, or even possibly the Faceless Man, as the Taken wore masks and full-body garb. Soulcatcher herself was referred to as "he" by Croaker and the Black Company until later revelations.

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