Map of Taglios

Map of the area around Taglios

Taglios (formally known as Trogo-Taglios, or Troko Tallio according to the maps at the Temple of Travellers' Repose) was a city south of the Sea of Torments and far south of the The Lady's Empire. It was the biggest city Croaker had ever seen. The people of Taglios were peaceful and were not very skilled in warfare, their warrior caste having been pacified and extinguished during the Khatovar Wars 400 years ago. Their only protection was a nearby river as the city did not have city walls.

Taglios was officially ruled by its prince Prahbrindrah Drah with the help of his sister Radisha Drah. In reality the head priests of the three major cults (Gunni, Vehdna, and Shadar) had all the political power. The priests opposed the Black Company, which was hired by the prince to defeat the Shadowmasters. The priests even made an attempt on Lady's life. Afterward she organized a purge and over 1,000 priests were executed. Eventually Croaker became a military dictator and assumed full control over the city in order to defeat the Shadowmasters.


With the coming of the Shadowmasters, the prince and the priests of Taglios assembled a rabble led by three veterans from the north – Willow Swan, Cordy Mather, and Blade. In the first Shadowmaster conflict, the trio enjoyed a lot of early success holding off the Shadowmasters due to Mathers's orchestration, ambushing the Shadowmaster troops as they dissolved into disorganised small raiding parties after facing a lack of Taglian resistance.

Following the successes of General Swan, the priesthood rose up their own rabble.

"In those days, Taglios was in service to The Black Company"Edit

Under the dictatorship of the Liberator, Croaker, he reformed the Taglian military to be modeled after the Legionaries found during the ancient times of the Jewel Cities. The legions 30,000 infantry in total, divided into 3 legions, each lead by a Nar general, besides the infantry,

However the priests, the most influential being the Shadar Jahamaraj Jah, still commanded a sizable army themselves. However Jah's forces would dissolve following the Battle of Ghoja Ford, when Croaker drafts the Shadar priest's army into the Legions forces, leaving him without an army to aid in the Siege of Dejagore.

A Change in CaptainsEdit

With Croaker missing in action and assumed dead, and being the only one outside the besieged city of Dejagore, Lady took up the title of captain while no one could argue against her doing so.

Return of The LiberatorEdit

The Taglian ProtectorateEdit

With the Black Company having "gone to Khatovar" following the Kiaulune wars, the city of Taglios built a wall for the metropolis. However, with no threat in sight, the size of the Protectorate's armed forces shrunk drastically, despite the Great General Mogaba's protestations.