Syndic was the title of the ruler of Beryl, one of the Jewel Cities. The Syndic which hired the Black Company was a small man with a huge hooked nose. He had many political enemies and needed armed protection from them. At some point the conflict between the noble factions and their merecenaries escalated to a full scale civil war in the city. Soon the Company realised that the city was right to rebel, as their ruler was an unworthy man, but they had contract to protect him nevertheless. Searching for a way to break out of contract, they had a secret meeting with a messenger from Lady, who offered to organise a little accident for the Syndic, in order to free the Company from his employement.

During the riots the Syndic was hiding in his palace under the protection of the Company. In the last night of the riots a shapeshifting beast also attacked the palace, supposedly on Soulcatcher's orders. Surprisingly the Syndic managed to hide from the monster, but was surreptitiously killed under the orders of Captain of the Black Company.

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