Suvrin was a Shadowlander who started as a captive of the Black Company, but would rise to its highest rank over the course of the Books of Glittering Stone. The name "Suvrin" was the word for "Junior" in Sangel, his native tongue. As such, he was stuck with a diminutive nickname like countless other Company brothers before him.

Water Sleeps Edit

Suvrin was a short, chubby Shadowlander who was sent to the military by his father despite his protests. He had risen to the level of a minor official when the Black Company reached the remains of Overlook on their way to free the Captured. He surrendered to the Company and became their captive. He was present when the Company (most notably: Sleepy, Tobo, Goblin, Vigan, and Spiff) were trying to force the surrender of the small fort commanded by Khusavir Pete and some Protectorate soldiers near the shadowgate. After the fort was captured, he accompanied them onto the Plain of Glittering Stone. He demonstrated increasing skill and competence and became a ranking member of the Company after they replenished their ranks in Hsien.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Suvrin was officially appointed Lieutenant of the Company by its Captain, Sleepy. Later, after Sleepy was killed in a series of mechanical traps set by Mogaba during the Battle of Taglios, Suvrin reluctantly became Captain. His first official act was to order Croaker to fall back, out of harms way, to protect the Annals and the group's history.