Master Surendranath Santaraksita is a librarian from Taglios who becomes a prisoner and then friend of the Black Company. He is a member of the Bhadralok, the intellectuals who oppose Soulcatcher's rule in Taglios.

He is given the first Annals of the Black Company by the Radisha and told to destroy them, but he cannot. The Black Company manages to recover some of the books before leaving the city to reanimate the Captured.

Santaraksita learns that Sleepy can read, who is acting as a young man and janitor for the library, and is shocked that somebody not of the priestly caste is capable. He tests Sleepy's aptitude on several occasions and tries to seduce her. He is kidnapped by the Black Company and forced to translate their older annals. They bring him onto the Plain of Glittering Stone and he is present when Goblin attacks Kina.

He joins the monks of Khang Phi once the Company reaches Hsien. At Khang Phi he finally finds the intellectual challenges and wise people he has always wanted to spend his days surrounded by. His last act as an associate of the Company is to help them steal the knowledge to repair Shadowgates from Khang Phi.