Soulcatcher was a member of the Ten Who Were Taken, the ten most powerful servants of the Dominator during the era of the Domination. She was the younger sister of the Lady, though they were not separated by many years. A remarkably powerful sorceress, Catcher was exceeded only by the Lady at the height of her power, and the buried Dominator. Her most defining feature is that she often speaks in different voices. While some of these voices belong to still-living people, others of them are no mere imitated voices or adopted accents, but truly different voices... voices which may belong to the souls that she has 'caught' over her career.

Soulcatcher was the legate who commissioned the Black Company into the service of the Lady's Empire. She ferried them across the Sea of Torments in that fateful trip to the Northern Continent. Her sponsorship, and later betrayal, of the Company would set in motion numerous battles, wars, and redrawn maps on both continents.


Appearance Edit

Soulcatcher was a short woman with very pale white skin. She shared a striking resemblance to her sister, the Lady. She was somewhat vain and, like many other women of the Senjak family, continued to maintain and enhance her beauty through the use of magic over the centuries. According to Lady in Soldiers Live, Soulcatcher successfully stopped her body's natural aging process so that she looked "just as sleek as she did on her nineteenth birthday". Yet, paradoxically, she rarely flaunted her incredible beauty. Catcher was most commonly observed wearing her favorite garb: tight-fitting but androgynous black leathers, and a black morion to conceal her face. After falling for a pyrotechnic trap set by Goblin in Water Sleeps, Catcher lost the heel of her right foot and subsequently wore a golden, artificial replacement of her own design.

Personality Edit

The powerful sorceress was infamous for her unpredictability, and was perceived by everyone who had close contact with her to be insane. In She Is The Darkness, Lady explained her sister, Soulcatcher, as follows:

I have never known why my sister does any of the things she does. She has never been rational. Two does not follow One in her scheme, nor does Three come before Four. She is capable of spending incredible energies and vast fortunes on the execution of a prank. She is capable of destroying cities without ever being able to explain why. You can know what she is doing but not why or you can know why she is doing something but not what. She was that way when she was three years old, before anyone knew she was cursed with the power, too.

Sleepy summarily described her enemy Soulcatcher as a "perpetual adolescent chaotic" in Water Sleeps.

Abilities Edit

Being a member of the Senjak family, Catcher inherited the family's immense natural magnitude for sorcery, later making her the strongest of the Ten Who Were Taken and rivaling her sister the Lady. She was a powerful necromancer and master in the art of self-preservation like the Limper. This allowed her to survive outright decapitation at the hands of Croaker at the end of The Black Company.

Catcher, like many of the women in her bloodline, was an enchantress, allowing her to control men through supernatural sexual seduction. She stopped the aging process of her body, becoming immortal apparently before her 20th birthday. Her most prominent usage of these abilities was her to manipulation of Willow Swan at the end of She Is The Darkness: she used him to remove her bindings and then to trap key members of the Company, later known as the Captured. However, in this case she partially exploited Swan's infatuation with Lady.

Soulcatcher was a profoundly dangerous presence in physical combat and as a director of battlefield sorcery. She was supernaturally effective with a blade in close quarters combat, demonstrated during the assassination of Harden. Her namesake spell transformed her into a wall of darkness which seemed to consume the souls of those it touched instantly. And, as evidenced during the Battle of the Middle Ground, with some time to prepare she could use terrible sorcery to slay hundreds of men in their tracks while still protecting her own forces from the same spells.

In addition, Soulcatcher was a master summoner/conjurer. Her ability to call forth demons and bind them to her will is virtually unrivaled. During the Domination, she had a significant number of prehistoric, ancient demons at her command. Referring to these demons in The White Rose, the Lady confided to Croaker that "Soulcatcher had minions who antedated the tree" which were buried with them in the Barrowland. Tracker and Toadkiller Dog were implied to be among this number. Centuries later, she would conjure and command the powerful imp called Frogface, and also, a beastly demon that helped her escape Overlook.

She had a talent for controlling and communicating with animals. She held a particular preference for crows which she used as her eyes and ears throughout the course of the Black Company series. During Soldiers Live, Mogaba comments that Catcher also controlled bats and rats once her crow population was reduced.

Soulcatcher also had the ability to shapeshift, as well as create illusions and glamours. During the Books of the South and Books of Glittering Stone she was successful in passing herself off as a tree-stump, allowing her to spy on the Black Company and Shadowmasters. On top of this she was able to infiltrate the Black Company encampment by taking on the guise of Sleepy towards the end of She is the Darkness.

Like the rest of the Taken, she was capable of piloting flying carpets. However in Water Sleeps, Willow Swan states Catcher disliked flying, and it was clear she lacked the talent demonstrated by the Limper and the Howler. In spite of this, by Soldiers Live, she had taught herself enough to create her own, if somewhat crude, flying carpets.

True name Edit

Like everyone gifted with the talents of sorcery, Soulcatcher kept her true name a closely-guarded secret. Her first name is not specified in the Annals. But, if it is true that there were only four Senjak sisters (Ardath, Sylith, Credence, and Dorotea), then her first name is Credence by simple process of elimination. Dorotea was the Lady's first name. And, the Dominator attempted to close the Rite of Naming against the Lady by guessing both Ardath (at the Battle of Juniper) and Sylith (at the Battle of the Barrowland). Since the Dominator knew Soulcatcher's true name – having performed the Rite of Taking on her back during the Domination – he would not have used Soulcatcher's name as one of his guesses to disarm the Lady.

Before the Annals Edit

Soulcatcher was one of the four daughters of Baron Senjak, originating from a western kingdom. She and her three sisters competed against one another in their beauty. Soulcatcher would go on to become an immensely powerful sorceress, one of the most formidable in the Northern Continent.

The Domination Edit

One of Soulcatcher's younger sisters, Dorotea, hid her true identity, took on the new persona of the Lady, and married the infamous sorcerer known only as the Dominator. The Dominator then began using the true names of his ten most powerful competitors and enemies in an agonizing ritual known as the Rite of Taking to enslave them. Soulcatcher would become the most powerful of these Ten Who Were Taken. Thus began the period known as the Domination. Catcher was forced to become one of the Dominator's enforcers and generals, but presumably was also one of his subordinate lords with control over much territory.

Soulcatcher, the other two female Taken (including Stormbringer), and Catcher's other two sisters, would all become the Dominator's lovers. Soulcatcher personally reveled in the "pomp and dark glory" of the Domination. Meanwhile, her sister the Lady, despite being the Dominator's wife, would remain a virgin in their unconsummated political marriage.

After a dark period of rule, they were all defeated (but not killed) by the original White Rose and her armies during a rebellion in the Great Forest. Catcher, alongside the Dominator, the Lady, the other nine Taken, and a considerable number of horrendous demons and beasts, were all imprisoned in the Barrowland. The imprisonment was meant to last for eternity.

Liberation and the Lady's empire Edit

Several decades before The Black Company (and 370 years after being interred in the Barrowland), Soulcatcher, the other nine Taken, and the Lady were freed from their prison by a group known as the Resurrectionists. To keep power to herself, the Lady orchestrated this event such that the Dominator and his "pet" monsters remained imprisoned. Catcher and the other Taken went on to help the Lady establish her own empire.

A few decades later, before Soulcatcher was sent by the Lady to hire the Black Company, she fought many battles against Whisper, who was the most dangerous Rebel general of the Circle of Eighteen. The battles between these two ranged from Rust to Were and even across Plain of Fear. Soulcatcher came to respect Whisper as a brilliant and worthy enemy.

The Black Company Edit

When the Black Company was in service to the Syndic of Beryl, Soulcatcher arrived aboard her massive imperial flagship, The Dark Wings, serving as a legate from the Lady's Empire. She collaborated with the Black Company to remove the Syndic from his station — permanently — in order to facilitate an imperial takeover which would turn Beryl into just another puppet state of the northern empire. Soulcatcher also agreed to take on the Black Company's commission, bringing them into the service of the Lady.

Soulcatcher was the Black Company's sponsor during their time in service to the Lady. Its members wore Soulcatcher's emblem — a silver skull with eyes and mouth ablaze on a field of black — and primarily reported to, and received orders from, Soulcatcher herself. The Black Company discovered that the Ten Who Were Taken were endlessly feuding, and that Soulcatcher's principle foe amongst the Taken was the Limper. Repeatedly, Soulcatcher and the Black Company embarrassed the Limper both by winning victories over the Rebel which had long eluded the Limper, and also by dealing him personal injury.

During the Battle of Charm, Soulcatcher was given command of the Tower Guard and a force of soldiers from the Jewel Cities. She attempted to murder Croaker at least three times at the Tower: first, with an "out-of-control" ballista that she was actually manipulating with her sorcery; second, by sending the forvalaka to maul him; and third, by using her namesake spell to directly assault him. She was revealed to be a traitor against the Lady and the northern empire when she sabotaged the flying carpet flown by the Howler, causing him to smash at high velocity into the Tower. Lady initially thought that Soulcatcher was working to advance the cause of the Dominator, but later determined that Soulcatcher was playing her own game, hoping to usurp both the Dominator and the Lady and rule the empire in their stead. The Lady took Croaker with her on the backs of magic black stallions in a frantic pursuit of Soulcatcher through the lines of battle, and Croaker managed to shoot Soulcatcher with an ensorcelled arrow before decapitating her with a sword stroke.

Shadow Games Edit

Thought dead for years, Soulcatcher re-emerged during the Black Company's long trek south following the disastrous Battle of the Barrowland. When she realized that her sister was in love with Croaker, she dedicated herself to striking at Lady's heart by separating her from Croaker. Initially, planted a spy amidst the Company's ranks, an imp called Frogface whom she contrived for One-Eye to acquire. With her spy in place, she stalked Croaker in particular often reminding him of a walking stump when he would occasionally glimpse her from afar. Using endless murders of crows as spies, Soulcatcher followed the Black Company all the way south of Taglios before finally making her move against Croaker and Lady during the assault on Dejagore. She struck Croaker down with an arrow that pierced his heavy armor, and then abducted him and snuck him away from the battlefield.

Dreams of Steel Edit

In Soulcatcher's custody, Croaker learned that her plan was to force him to surgically re-attach her severed head to her body, which was still very much alive and vital due to the enduring power of her sorcery. With her body restored, Soulcatcher regained her full measure of power, and began to enact her true plan. She began a long campaign to seduce Croaker, trying to force him to betray his love for Lady. In addition, she acted as a wild card in the ongoing conflict between Taglios and the Shadowmasters. In an effort to keep the siege of Dejagore from ending in a decisive victory for the Shadowmasters, Soulcatcher and Croaker appeared as the Lifetaker and Widowmaker characters devised by Lady, and Soulcatcher used her immense powers to drastically tip the tide of battle against the Shadowmaster armies as they made their first real effort to seize Dejagore.

Next, Soulcatcher dragged Croaker — now under sorcerous glamour to appear as the man Ram — to the city of Taglios proper. There, she impersonated her sister and began to worm her way into the confidences of the Prahbrindrah Drah. However, before Soulcatcher could complete her nefarious plans, she was kidnapped by the Howler under the orders of Longshadow, both of whom had mistaken Soulcatcher for Lady. Howler escaped Taglios and took Soulcatcher to Overlook, but Soulcatcher used her magic to easily escape from Longshadow's custody. She immediately began her hunt for Croaker once again.

Bleak SeasonsEdit

Sometime during the events of Bleak Seasons, Soulcatcher stole the golden pickax from the Nyueng Bao priests at the Vinh Gao Ghang Temple of Ghanghesha. Using the artifact, she safely crossed the shadowgate, traversed the Plain of Glittering Stone, and entered the Fortress With No Name. There, at the feet of the immortal but immobile golem Shivetya, she tinkered haphazardly with the machinery that Shivetya used to maintain the sorcery of the Plain. Her careless activity caused the gigantic earthquake that occurred at the end of Bleak Seasons. It created fissures not only on the Plain, but also reached back into the homeworld, taking thousands of lives, most especially in the city of Kiaulune.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Soulcatcher believed that the remnants of the Black Company would never return to the homeworld after they fled through the shadowgate at the end of Water Sleeps. Four years later, Soulcatcher and her crows hunted for her niece, the Daughter of Night, and the young woman's guardian, Narayan Singh, throughout the outskirts of her Protectorate. Her crows reported that some of their number were being killed when they were alone. Investigating this, she was suddenly attacked by a mob of Unknown Shadows, which were highly intelligent variations of the killer shadows she already had in her own employ. At the expense of most of her own trained shadows, Soulcatcher killed off the attacking entities and learned of their origin: the Black Company had somehow reconstituted itself and was coming for her. She immediately knew that the Company's goal would be to defeat her personally and overthrow her dictatorial regime in Taglios. She traveled north on foot to muster her forces. Meanwhile, Sleepy and her 10,000 soldiers (mostly recruited from Hsien) marched inexorably northward from the shadowgate. They speedily disarmed the Shadowlands, crossed the Dandha Presh, and captured Protectorate sites like Nijha and Gharhawnes.

Battle of the Middle GroundEdit

Soulcatcher summoned her Taglian forces and divided them into three armies. Mogaba remained with an army outside the city of Taglios itself. The small Southern Army gathered outside Dejagore. Finally, the large Middle Army was assembled in lightly settled country midway between Dejagore and the fortified crossings over the Main at Ghoja, with Soulcatcher in direct command. She secretly seeded the ground at strategic points with incredibly destructive "deathflower" spells.

As the Company approached, Soulcatcher eventually formed the Middle Army into three successive lines, with a hundred yards of separation each between them. The Battle of the Middle Ground was fought. Her first line crumbled quickly and the second soon after. The third line held for much longer. Only then did Soulcatcher finally reveal her dreadful battlefield sorcery. Her "deathflower" spells began to instantaneously burn whole lines of Company soldiers in violent flower-shaped flashes. The soldiers were partially melted in such a way that they appeared to be sunken into the earth up to their ankles, hips, or further. Croaker calculated that roughly four or five hundred men died in these traps. Sleepy halted the infantry advance to reevaluate the battlefield. Soulcatcher's presence near this battlefield was the reason why Tobo withheld the Unknown Shadows from the battle, for their own safety.

Meanwhile, the Company attempted to cancel Soulcatcher's power. Croaker and Murgen used fireball projectors to saturate locations where they thought she was hiding. Tobo and the Howler were aboard a flying carpet and were prepared to fight Soulcatcher directly if they could pinpoint her. But she never exposed her location. Then, unlike earlier points in the infantry battle, Soulcatcher's incendiary traps started killing her own men. She was no longer actively maintaining the deathflower spells, so the Company realized something must have happened to their nemesis. They charted a path around Soulcatcher's killing field and turned their airborne power at the Middle Army itself. Shukrat used her rheitgeistiden to soar over Soulcatcher's lines and pummeled them with a fireball projector. Tobo and the Howler dropped firebombs among their ranks.

After the Middle Army retreated, the Black Company unexpectedly discovered Soulcatcher nude and unconscious in her own command tent. She had been overcome by two of her prisoners – the Daughter of Night and the Khadidas – who had been assisted by the demon/goddess Kina. The Company took Soulcatcher prisoner but could not revive her.

Inside the white crowEdit

Croaker realized that Soulcatcher's condition mirrored that of Sedvod, a young man who had also been secretly put into a lethal coma by the Khadidas. Eventually, Croaker, Lady, Tobo, Howler, Shukrat, and Arkana flew out to the Plain of Glittering Stone with the dying, comatose Soulcatcher (and another prisoner, Gromovol). Then, beneath the Fortress With No Name, they deposited her and their second prisoner in the Cave of the Ancients. But the absence of all these wizards from the Company's ranks in the homeworld gave Soulcatcher's Great General, Mogaba, the opportunity to inflict major casualties during the concurrent Battle at the Shadowlander cemetery.

Soulcatcher remained frozen by sorcery within the ice cave for the rest of Soldiers Live. But, she maintained a mental connection with a special white crow. During the Siege of Taglios, she used the bird to try to cajole Mogaba to rejoin the fight after he fled the city upon the great river. Her bird barely escaped Tobo's Unkown Shadows, which arrived at that moment to assassinate Mogaba. Her crow next informed Aridatha Singh that he was now in command of her forces. But he had the bird subdued and announced an end to the bloodshed. Her regime in Taglios – the Protectorate – was finally overthrown.

Soulcatcher, still behind the white crow's eyes, then followed Croaker, who permitted its presence. She even grudgingly became an ally. She directed Arkana on the correct spells to deposit Croaker's recently-deceased child, the Daughter of Night, a scant few yards from her own frozen body. When Arkana left Croaker trapped in the fortress, Croaker spent many hours talking with Soulcatcher via the white crow. Though she could communicate the spoken parts of the magic to free herself from the stasis using the crow's voice, the bird could not do the accompanying gestures, so she genuinely was trapped. Next, she assisted Croaker and Shukrat in their rescue of Arkana from Rhuknavr. She even offered to help heal her sister Lady, her oldest enemy, which Croaker turned down. Soulcatcher remained Shivetya's agent and presumably became Croaker's when he finally switched places with the entity at the end of the Annals.

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