Smoke was a wizard in service of the royal family of Taglios, though he was officially the chief firefighter of the city. He was short and very cowardly. He opposed the prince’s decision to employ the Black Company and was very satisfied with their defeat at the Siege of Dejagore, although he was pleased with their blow to the Shadowmasters.

He opposed Lady's rise to power, but could do little to prevent. During this time, he was contacted by Longshadow and eventually enslaved by him using a magic spell similar to the Rite of Taking. He acted briefly as Longshadow's spy. Later he was attacked by a demon sent by Soulcatcher, and fell into a coma.

It was discovered that one can actually make contact with Smoke and use him to spy on people, by essentially riding his consciousness. Smoke even had access to events that occurred after the time of the attack on him, but he had the presence of mind to refuse to approach people, places, or events that terrified him. The wizard was comatose for several years. During that time Murgen was taking care of him and also spying on the Black Company’s enemies. He was brought along for the Company’s campaign against Longshadow. Once they reached Overlook, Smoke started recovering from his coma. He was mysteriously assassinated before reaching a complete recovery.