Sindawe was a member of the Nar, the elite military class in the city of Gea-Xle. He joins Mogaba and 31 other Nar on the Black Company's pilgrimage back to their roots in Shadow Games. He operates as one of Mogaba's lieutenants and supports him loyally as one of his oldest and best friends since childhood.

He leads the auxiliary troops for the legions of Taglios when they set out to stop the Shadowmaster invasion. His troops are defeated at Dejagore once the second Shadowmaster army appears, and he is driven into the city with Mogaba's surviving forces. He endures the Siege of Dejagore with the rest of the Black Company trapped in the city, but joins the Nar faction out of loyalty to Mogaba. He attempts to remain true to his loyalty to the Black Company and to Mogaba, but is forced to admit his concerns about Mogaba as darkness seems to grow inside of him. He meets with Croaker once he escapes from Soulcatcher and voices his concerns.

Sindawe remains with the Company when Mogaba defects to Longshadow and is present for the Battle of Charandapresh, as well as the Siege of Overlook. He joins the Black Company when they attempt a scouting mission across the Plain of Glittering Stone, but does not become a member of the Captured when Soulcatcher traps them. He attempts to run many miles off the Plain back to the homeworld, but is ultimately caught and killed by the shadows.