"Silent was on the job already, but he was Silent. That meant no sound,and very little flash or fury."

- Croaker, The Black Company

Silent was a wizard in service to the Black Company. At some point in the past he took a vow of silence, though the he never gave the reason. He was also known for his friendship with Darling, as both used gestures instead of words.

Silent was famous for inventing some especially nasty magic tricks. He was first introduced in Beryl, where he spent half a day in the woods, in order to gather some really dangerous wasps, which were later unleashed on a group of political enemies of the Syndic. Very soon the political conflicts escalated to a civil uprising. In this tense situation, the Company sent a small squad to negotiate with the legate from the northern empire. Silent was part of the squad as a well-respected and important member, even though he did not say a word.

Once they accepted Soulcatcher as their new employer and went north, he and Elmo managed to obtain a lock of hair from Raker, who was one of the generals of the Rebel forces seeking to overthrow the The Lady's Empire. The Company’s sorcerers used the hair in a spell. They set a pile of treasure, which could only be obtained by whomever deposited Raker's severed head. The operation was a success: Raker was hunted, disowned by all the other Rebels, and eventually killed by Raven with help from Croaker.

The next task by Soulcatcher was to capture Limper and Whisper during their secret meeting. Silent served as a backup for Croaker and Raven, while they were ambushing the sorcerers. Having lost several of their most talented leaders, the rebels were finally defeated during the Battle of Charm. They pretended to have found the reincarnated White Rose, the woman who had earlier brought down the Domination, but that did not help.

Raven was the first to suspect that the real White Rose was indeed among them. Silent and Croaker managed to track the escaped Raven, but let him go with Darling. They suspected that the girl will be endangered by Lady and the better solution was to send her as far as possible. Later they all reunited with the girl. Years later The Lady and Darling joined forces to defeat the Dominator. Once the battle was over, The Lady betrayed the alliance. She named the White Rose and stripped her of her power. Silent broke his silence and also pronounced The Lady's true name.

After the battle the Black Company and Darling parted ways. He chose not to head for Khatovar with the remainder of the Company. staying with Darling instead. He developed some hostility towards Raven, as both were revealed to have a romantic interest in Darling.

After the Silver Spike was stolen, their group had several confrontations with Limper and Toadkiller Dog. Silent sacrificed himself in order to defeat Limper, transforming his own body in a substance that burned and weakened the bloodthirsty Taken.