Siege of Dejagore by Didier Graffet

Siege of Dejagore by Didier Graffet.

I have been to hell. I have done my time. This dark goddess Kina could not throw anything at me worse than the things I had seen already with my own eyes.

Murgen, recalling the siege

The Siege of Dejagore was a major event that transpired during the concurrent Annals written by Lady who was outside the city (Dreams of Steel) and those written by Murgen who was trapped within it (Bleak Seasons). It began immediately following the Battle of Dejagore. Although a wide variety of actors with varying goals participated in the siege, the event can be summarized as follows: Shadowspinner and his armies of Shadowlanders besieged: the Jaicuri, the Black Company, the Nar, and the Nyueng Bao De Duang.

The Jaicuri, the civilians of the city, suffered immensely from combat fatalities, disease, and looting. Also during this siege, the Nyueng Bao (initially numbering roughly 1,800 people) were reduced to just over 600 individuals, about one-third of their previous population.

Preceding events Edit

During the Battle of Dejagore, the Black Company and its allies liberated the city from the Shadowlands, killed one of the four Shadowmasters, Stormshadow, and defeated another, Moonshadow. However, when a relief force led by Shadowspinner arrived outside the city walls, the Company and their allies were defeated. Some Company members, including Mogaba, his Nar followers, and Murgen, were trapped within. A separate group led by Lady escaped.

The siege Edit

Shadowspinner flooded the city, causing widespread suffering and death due to disease. Meanwhile, as the situation grew increasingly grim, Mogaba and his loyal Nar warriors perpetrated a cruel occupation of the city during the siege. They looted throughout Dejagore and even committed cannibalism. Mogaba also made an alliance with the prince of Taglios, the Prahbrindrah Drah, whose tribune Pal Subhir led the cohort of Taglians which committed a massacre of the Nyueng Bao. An isolated minority of pilgrims initially numbering roughly 1,800 people, the Nyueng Bao were reduced to just over 600 individuals... about one-third of their previous population.

Eventually Lady came with reinforcements, but a second battle was never held. She and a small group of companions infiltrated the camp and killed the enemy general Shadowspinner. They then tricked the Shadowlanders into accepting Lady as their new leader. She ordered them to continue to siege the city, as she already considered Mogaba her enemy, but to treat those who escaped the city with respect. The situation in Dejagore remained critical. The city was flooded, the food was scarce and the citizens were dying of diseases. The siege was lifted when Croaker entered at enormous personal risk, and made a very public gesture of friendship to Mogaba. Mogaba relented, and departed the city with only 3 Nar followers.