Siege of Dejagore by Didier Graffet

Siege of Dejagore by Didier Graffet.

The Black Company intended to crush the Shadowmasters at Dejagore. Their opponents had prepared a camp outside the city. It was the Black Company's forces who attacked first. Murgen went alone and provoked the enemy. Croaker used his elephants to crush their soldiers and won the first round. His men used the cover of the night to enter the city and to eliminate the Shadowmaster Stormshadow. On the next day the two armies fought again in the fields outside the city. They were evenly matched and each consisted of around 40,000 soldiers. Croaker was wearing his Widowmaker armor, while Lady was the Lifetaker. At some point the Black Company's forces went into retreat. Croaker tried to stop them and was pierced by Soulcatcher's arrow. Murgen abandoned the Company's banner and took Croaker’s armor in order to inspire the troops. He was unsuccessful and they lost the battle. Small part headed by Mogaba retreated to the city and was sieged there for months.

Eventually Lady came with reinforcements, but second battle was never held. Small group infiltrated the camp and killed the enemy general Shadowspinner. His soldiers decided to obey Lady and were ordered to continue to siege the city, as she already considered Mogaba her enemy. The situation in Dejagore was critical. The city was flooded, the food was scarce and the citizens were dying of diseases. The siege was lifted when Croaker arrived and Mogaba surrendered to him.