Shukrat was a girl from the Voroshk clan in the world referred to as Khatovar. She, Arkana, and some other children were sent along with the Black Company as their world was attacked by shadows. Later she is adopted by Croaker and Lady alongside Arkana and falls in love with Tobo.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Shukrat is originally from the Voroshk home-world where her clan ruled their world absolutely. She is described as being in her mid-teens and having fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes like the rest of the Voroshk. Also like other Voroshk women, she is noted for being gorgeous and curvaceous. She mentioned that Arkana and herself have poor relationships with their fathers. When the Black Company came through the Plain of Glittering Stone, some of the leaders of the Voroshk unintentionally destroyed the Shadowgate to their world via Croakers' trickery, which unleashed the shadows. She and some of the other children her age including Gromovol, Sedvod, and Magadan, decided to increase their likelihood of survival and leave their world with the Black Company. They were surprised that they would have to give up their rheitgeistiden and shefsepoken to be allowed along. Having to choose between that, death, or staying in their own imperiled world all but two of her group surrender their gear while the others ran off.

She was the smaller one of the group she was with before joining the Black Company. She was more social than is the Company norm, and was flirtatious around Tobo. She could also sneaky and manipulative when it suited her.