The Shadowlands

The Shadowlands were the first territories occupied by the Shadowmasters known as Stormshadow, Moonshadow, Shadowspinner, and their leader, Longshadow. Originally it was a peaceful region, with no wars or even armies. However the Shadowmasters brought both, and divided the area up among themselves, renaming cities and building castles.

A chronology of Shadowlands conquests is as follows:

  1. Pityus: the very first place known to be conquered by the Shadowmasters
  2. Kiaulune: renamed Shadowcatch and ruled by Longshadow, this was the first city of significance to fall to the Shadowmasters
  3. Tragevec: renamed Shadowlight and ruled by Shadowspinner
  4. Six
  5. Fred
  6. Dejagore: renamed Stormgard and ruled by Stormshadow

Also, New Dhar was a noteworthy city within the Shadowlands, but the chronology of its conquest was not recorded in the Annals.