Shadowgate by Didier Graffet

Shadowgate by Didier Graffet.

The shadowgates were 16 inter-dimensional portals connecting the Plain of Glittering Stone with as many different worlds. The shadowgates were magically sealed and required special "keys" in order to be used. One such relic was the Black Company 's own battle standard: the Lance of Passion. These structures existed to seal away the lethal shadows from the inhabitants of each of the 16 worlds.

The homeworld shadowgate Edit

Before the Shadowmasters established the Shadowlands in the Southern Continent, Longshadow used the power of his true name to seal up the damage he and his comrades unintentionally inflicted upon the homeworld shadowgate.

The Khatovar shadowgate Edit

The shadowgate to the world called Khatovar was disintegrated in a rheitgeistiden explosion orchestrated by Croaker. This permitted the shadows to enter into that world and utterly wipe out most human and animal life.

Other shadowgates Edit

All 16 shadowgates were visited by Tobo and Suvrin, and each was discovered to be in one or another state of disrepair.