A shadow is a malevolent spirit that haunts the Plain of Glittering Stone. In the world of Hsien, they are referred to as the Host of the Unforgiven Dead. Although they range greatly in size and lethality, shadows are united in their loathing of all life and relentlessly pursue its destruction, attacking at every opportunity. Shadows kill quickly and cause their victims incredible agony before they perish. Able to pass through the tiniest pinhole or crack, shadows are repelled only by light and by magic, which can be used to both control and destroy them.

Wizards able to control and direct shadows are known as Shadowmasters. In an ancient age, a now-forgotten Shadowmaster referred to as the First One or the Master of Time altered many shadows, transforming them into much more intelligent, derivative entities called Unknown Shadows.

Origins and the Plain Edit

When I looked back at the toppled throne I saw the hall as it may have appeared a thousand years ago. Or more. When a band of cruel priests were making the original shadows from prisoners of war. It was there for just an instant but that moment was long enough to tell me that this had been a very ugly place once upon a time, long before the advent of the twelve Free Companies.

Murgen, She Is The Darkness

The shadows were created by wizards, "a band of cruel priests", in an ancient time long before the Free Companies of Khatovar. Located in the main hall of the Fortress With No Name, they tortured and sacrificed human prisoners of war in some kind of ritual sorcery to produce the shadows. This was done near the end of an escalating war between two now-forgotten enemies across the Plain of Glittering Stone. The participants, and the results of that war, were long lost to history, but somehow the shadows wound up on the Plain and were locked in by shadowgates (one for each of the sixteen worlds), where they remained imprisoned for countless ages. Where once the Plain had been used for commerce and discovery, the horrendous entities permanently denied the proper use of the Plain to everyone in all of the sixteen linked worlds. However a few safe passages were usable, protected by powerful magic, and the shadowgates could be traversed using "keys" like the Lance of Passion. When properly used, these allowed safe passage across the Plain by affording protection against the shadows. But over time these shadowgates and the keys were largely forgotten and abandoned, and apparently remained so for untold generations until Shadowmasters known as Longshadow and Shadowspinner crossed from an unspecified world into Hsien and conquered it.

Invasion of Khatovar Edit

The shadows of the Plain sensed an opportunity to feed when Croaker tricked the Voroshk into destroying their own shadowgate. With a whole world of victims to feed upon, virtually the entire population of shadows poured out from the Plain and invaded the Voroshk world (called Khatovar by Croaker). There, they devoured countless wildlife, livestock, and what Croaker estimated to be 99 out of 100 peasants. The Voroshk fought back with fiery sorcery, reducing the shadows to less than one-tenth of their original number. And on the Plain, only a small number of small, frightened shadows remained.