Rheitgeistiden (or "flying posts") were enchanted means of transportation used exclusively by the Voroshk family, and featured prominently during Soldiers Live. They were log-like in shape and had pedals for steering. Along with the protective body covering called the shefsepoken, the rheitgeistiden were viewed as the most privileged status symbol. The magic that powered them was extremely volatile and dangerous. To keep power restricted to their family and prevent theft, the Voroshk built all the rheitgeistiden such that the simple recitation of a magic verse would cause the sorcery inside a specific post to explode with a massive concussive blast. Croaker used this functionality twice to his advantage. First, he tricked some Voroshk elders into detonating a post which was buried near their shadowgate, which allowed virtually all the shadows of the Plain of Glittering Stone to invade the Voroshk world and wipe out countless people and livestock. Second, Croaker detonated the rheitgeistiden which Goblin was riding the moment he pierced Kina's brain with One-Eye's spear. In a different incident, about an acre of the sprawling Palace of Taglios was flattened when the rheitgeistiden flown by Mihlos Sedona and another Company brother were detonated by fireball projector crossfire coming from Mogaba's soldiers.