The Resurrectionists were a clandestine group dedicated to the liberation of primarily the Dominator, and also his wife the Lady and their enforcers, the Ten Who Were Taken from their enchanted prison in the Barrowland. They operated decades before the events of the first chronicle. Its leaders included Tokar, a trader from Oar; Tokar's sister Glory; and Glory's fiance Stancil. Stancil's father, the wizard Bomanz, did not realize his son was a Resurrectionist until it was too late. History would come to erroneously record Bomanz as a key member of the Resurrectionists.

The Resurrectionists worked in secret to avoid arousing the suspicion of the Eternal Guard, a hereditary group of soldiers tasked since the Barrowland's creation 370 years ago to keep the powerful prisoners trapped within. They also manipulated Bomanz into helping their cause.

When the Resurrectionists finally made their move to free the prisoners beneath the Barrowland, many of them were killed in the ensuing carnage by the Eternal Guard or Bomanz himself. In fact, Bomanz was so opposed to the Resurrectionists that, during his desperate last-minute attempt to foil them, he killed his own son Stancil. It was soon revealed that the Resurrectionists themselves were manipulated by the Lady, whose machinations allowed their efforts to free her and the Ten Who Were Taken, but, kept the Dominator imprisoned. She left her husband trapped to keep power for herself, and with the help of the Taken, she established her own rule, The Lady's Empire.

One of The Lady's first actions was to exterminate all surviving members of the Resurrectionist movement "root and branch", to prevent them from releasing her husband in the future.