The term Rebel (often in the singular) referred to two very different movements which both opposed the Lady and her Empire. The first Rebel movement referred to the armies of the Circle of Eighteen, which would falsely proclaim to have found the prophesied White Rose reborn. This first Rebel movement was largely wiped out leading to, and during, the Battle of Charm. The second group to use the label "Rebel" was the alliance led by Darling, the genuine White Rose reborn, many years later. Darling's forces included the monsters of the Plain of Fear and the Black Company. Ironically, Darling, as a very young girl, supported the empire against the first Rebel movement at the Battle of Charm.

The Black CompanyEdit

The Rebel's first leaders was a collection of wizards initially called the Circle of Eighteen. The Rebel waged war against the Imperials and their leaders, the Ten Who Were Taken, as well as the Lady's hired mercenaries, the Black Company. They besieged The Tower during the epic Battle of Charm but were defeated.

The Lady revealed that many of the Rebel leaders were working as agents of her husband, the Dominator, who was ceaselessly attempting to be freed from his centuries-old prison known as the Barrowland. In her estimation, the Rebel movement did not come about independently, but was ultimately the machination of her husband.

The White RoseEdit

The Rebel movement would outlive the Circle. The Black Company itself became the backbone of the next Rebel movement. Under Darling's leadership, the new Rebel would have an entirely different unifying spirit than it had during the years of the Circle. Although this Rebel movement did not topple the empire, it was instrumental in helping the Lady kill the Dominator, and did succeed in stripping the Lady of her magic powers.

The Silver SpikeEdit

Darling and her Plain of Fear monsters flew the Rebel banner one last time, at the city of Oar, during their bid to secure the silver spike.