Plain of Fear

Map of the area of around the Plain of Fear

The Plain of Fear was a forbidding place, often plagued by reality-distorting storms. The storms were believed to be capable of transforming any living thing unfortunate enough to be caught in them. It was inhabited by over 40 unique and intelligent species such as centaurs, windwhales, and talking stones, called menhirs. There were also wild human tribes which worshiped Old Father Tree as their god.  

Old Father Tree is the source of the Plain of Fear, which grows as his dreams create storms that extend the Plain. He is the avatar of a young god who was planted over an old evil, similar to, but antedating the Dominator. Old Father Tree controls the menhirs, can impress his will upon the other members of the Plain, and even speak. He begets a Sapling son, and gives him to Darling and The Lady to help them contain the Silver Spike containing the Dominator’s dangerous power.

This is where Darling and the remains of the Black Company prepared their rebellion against The Lady following their decimation at Juniper.