Philodendron Case was the main narrator of The Silver Spike. He was born into a farming family. He despised his first name and also hated agriculture. At young age, he left his home in search of adventures. He eventually ended as one of the soldiers guarding the Barrowland. His duties were to prevent visitors from entering graveyard and to keep the Dominator and his demons asleep and imprisoned.

During his time in the army, he became good friend with a newcomer, who came to live near the Barrowland. The man called himself Corbie, but in reality he was Raven in disguise. The former Black Company brother was investigating the situation with the protective spells. He spent a lot of his time with Case, teaching him how to read and write and also how to use the sign language. He was also preparing a complicated magic ritual in secret. Unfortunately for Raven the sleeping evil was already awakened and trapped his conscience during the ritual. His body was alive, but catatonic. Case kept him alive for a long time.

Raven was eventually healed and the Dominator was defeated. However Case's friend was rejected by his love Darling. Raven was completely heartbroken and retreated to the city of Oar. Case followed his old friend and continued to help him with everything he could.

Soon afterward the imprisoned Dominator and his servants started causing trouble once again. The Silver Spike was stolen and Raven decided to follow Croaker and ask him for help. The two friends went on a long journey, but could not find Croaker. Instead they ended up reunited with Darling's army.

Case was not very impressed by her ragged clothes, unkempt hair and casual manners. She did not seem like a great general and a leader of the rebellion against the Empire. He tried to talk with Darling about Raven and his problems. However they started having long conversations about politics and the perspective of the common man.

Later they all went back to Oar in order to recover the stolen spike. The Limper also arrived and attacked the city. They managed to eliminate him once and for all, however there were many losses, including Raven and Silent.

In the end Case returned to his home in the countryside. He and Darling lived together, had children and told them many interesting stories.