In those days, the Black Company was in service to the Paingod of Cho'n Delor.

The Pastel Wars were a series of conflicts whose scale rivaled that of the second White Rose Rebellion in the North but confined to a smaller area.[1] They occurred two hundred years before Croaker was captain of the Black Company. The Wars were waged between the Paingod of Cho'n Delor and the Triplet Cities, the latter which were ultimately victorious. The cost was horrific, as both Cho'n Delor and the Triplet Cities were destroyed and the lands so scarred and haunted even animals stayed away.[2]

At that time the Black Company was in its second century, was 6,000 strong, and its men were as black as its namesake. The Company was in service to the Paingod as recorded in the Book of Kette. It was a turbulent time; the Book of Kette itself went through four different Annalists. Straw, the last of the four, never even officially held the position of Annalist.[3] During the conflict the early Annals were lost. Before copies of the tomes were found in Taglios the known history of the Company started with the Pastel Wars.[4]

The survivors of the conflict either fled to or founded the walled city of Idon.

A memory of the Pastel Wars Edit

While in service to Soulcatcher, the Black Company was retreating through the Stair of Tear, trying to escape the clutches of the Circle of Eighteen. Croaker watched as they cast spells that reminded him of the Pastel Wars: "Long, long, thin banners of tenuous light twisted up toward the stars, shimmering, undulating like seaweed in a gentle current. Soft pinks and greens, yellows and blues, beautiful hues." Their magic conjured aurora-like ribbons of light that threatened to float down and cover the Company. He nervously asked Soulcatcher about the sorcery, but was told not to worry as the Ten Who Were Taken knew of the Pastel Wars, and were already working to defeat the magic. The Hanged Man had been brought in specifically to counter the threat, and the banners were rendered harmless by him. [5]

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