Otto was one of the longest-serving members of the Black Company, from before the start of the series to just one year before Soldiers Live. He is rarely seen without his fellow Company member and eternal sidekick Hagop. Otto, like Hagop, is well known for surviving every fight he gets into but always receiving at least a minor wound.

Otto and Hagop are originally from Rebosa, a city to the south of Beryl on the Southern Continent.

The Black CompanyEdit

Otto was one of the original Company soldiers who sailed aboard the imperial flagship, The Dark Wings, from Beryl, across the Sea of Torments, to Opal, in The Black Company. (Years later, in Shadow Games, he would be one of the only 5 survivors to make the return trip aboard the same vessel.)

Otto played an important role in the assassination of Raker in Roses. He and Hagop were out drinking when Raker, for unknown reasons, blew his cover and stabbed Otto. Hagop ran back to the Company's apartment, where he told Croaker and Raven what happened. Those two proceeded to track Raker through the city and kill him.

Shadows LingerEdit

Otto was selected to be part of the advance team of 25 Company men that were flown from the Barrowland, into the city of Juniper, by the new Taken via flying carpet. This team was led by Elmo and included the physician and Annalist Croaker; the veterans Pawnbroker, and Kingpin; and other trusted soldiers like Sharkey, Tickle, Crake, Walleye, and Stork. This elite group made the trip ahead of the rest of the Company, and were therefore spared the long march across the Northern Continent and through the frigid Wolander Mountains. He participated in many operations in Juniper and survived the violent Battle of Juniper.

Otto and Hagop (Shadows Linger) by Виталий Стрелец

Otto and Hagop (Shadows Linger) by Виталий Стрелец

The White RoseEdit

Otto was among the 50 remaining Black Company brothers who lived in the Hole out on the Plain of Fear for two years until the events of The White Rose. He survived the Battle of the Barrowland along with Hagop. Despite Croaker's suggestion they disband, he chose to stay. It was Otto who nominated Croaker to become the next Captain. They subsequently marched South with the remnants of the Company toward their fabled origin, Khatovar.

Shadow GamesEdit

At the Tower at Charm, Croaker was given the rank of general in the Imperial army, and was also appointed a legate. With his newfound powers, Croaker commissioned both Otto and Hagop as captains. Otto would be one of only five Company survivors to sail back across the Sea of Torments aboard the The Dark Wings in Shadow Games. The others were Hagop, Croaker, One-Eye, Goblin and Murgen (plus the Lady).

Otto and Hagop were placed in charge of forming the cavalry division of the first army raised in Taglios to fight the Shadowmasters' forces.

Books of Glittering StoneEdit

Otto became one of the Captured, imprisoned within the Cave of the Ancients, by Soulcatcher. After being freed, he died in Hsien of natural causes around the same time as Hagop, just one year before the events of Soldiers Live.