Opal is one of the Jewel Cities, sitting on the edge of the Sea of Torments in the Northern Continent.

The Black CompanyEdit

Opal was a younger city than Beryl, its sister city across the sea and another Jewel City. It was a transit hub for people journeying across the sea to the southern coast. For an unspecified amount of time, Opal marked the southern border of The Lady's Empire, and was the main port for Soulcatcher's flagship The Dark Wings.

Raven was an aristocrat from Opal, a baronet, and like other youngsters of his status, he learned minor sorcery, which "was a diversion for wealthy youths who would rather play wizard than pursue legitimate studies". His wife and her lovers (the Limper's subordinates) framed his uncles, cousins, and brothers, for crimes for which they would be executed, left Raven for dead, and stole his honors, titles, and properties.

Opal's port was where the Black Company first arrived on the Northern Continent. In the high-society Gardens at Opal, the Company had a tense encounter with the Imperial staff general Jalena. Moments later, Raven murdered his treacherous wife and two of her lovers.

The Silver SpikeEdit

Opal was sacked by the Limper, Toadkiller Dog, and their army during their destructive journey south across the Northern Continent. They remained inside the "ruins" of Opal for six days until an incautious sea captain entered the harbor to survey the destruction, and they commandeered the vessel.