Old Man Fish, birth name Forto Reibus, was a member of the group which stole the silver spike from the trunk of the Sapling. He was, as his nickname suggests, an elderly gentleman, but his combat skills were truly surprising for his age. He managed to defeat several skillful opponents and it was suggested he was a veteran soldier or a former mercenary.

The Silver SpikeEdit

Fish was a hardworking man with a tough personality that gave him a gruff demeanor. He respected those who he saw as competent and intelligent. He was fond of Smeds Stahl and Timmy Locan, who were his partners when they stole the silver spike. He despised his other partner Tully Stahl, however, as he wasted his money and then tried to steal from the others.

Fish was included in the plan to steal the Silver spike because of his wilderness experience and his ability to keep the others alive and healthy. He created plans and traps that impressed renowned tacticians like Darling and Raven as well as the Imperial wizard Exile. His intelligence and the force of his personality made him the de facto leader of his group, much to Tully Stahl's disappointment.

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