Old Man Fish was a member of the group which stole the Silver Spike . He was, as his nickname suggests, indeed an elderly gentleman, but his combat skills were truly surprising for his age. He managed to defeat several quite skillful oponents and it was suggested he was a veteran soldier or a former mercenary. His real name was Forto Reibus.



Fish had a tough personality that made him come of as no nonsense, gruff, and hard working. He respected those who he saw as competent and intelligent. He was also fond of those like Smeds Stahl and Timmy Locan who were his partners on a job where they stole the Silver Spike. He however despised his other partner Tully Stahl as he waste his money and then tried to steal from the others.



Tracking: Fish was included in the plan to steal the Silver Spike because of his experience in the wilderness and his ability to keep the others alive and healthy.

Intelligence: Fish was able to come up with plans and traps that impressed renowned tacticians like Darling and Raven as well as Imperial sorcerers like the Exile . His intelligence and the force of his personality made him the defacto leader of his group much to Tully Stahl's anger.

Knife Skills: Fish was skilled enough with a knife to kill several people with little effort and take down Raven with out killing him.

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