Ochiba was one of the 32 Nar who joined the Black Company alongside Mogaba in Shadow Games.

During the Siege of Dejagore, he was third-in-command of the Nar, answering to Sindawe and ultimately to Mogaba. After the siege, he was one of the 12 Nar who accompanied Sindawe in abandoning Mogaba publicly to return to Croaker, the genuine Captain.

Although Ochiba's Company rank was unspecified (presumably, sergeant), he was a general in the Prahbrindrah Drah's Taglian army, answering directly to Lady, who was the Company's Lieutenant (second-in-command).

By the time the Company reaches the shadowgate in She is the Darkness, only Ochiba, Isi, and Sindawe remained alive of the 13 Nar who rejoined Croaker. All three of them join the Company leadership when they attempt a scouting mission across the Plain of Glittering Stone. Ochiba and Isi became members of the Captured when Soulcatcher sprang her trap at the Fortress With No Name.

Water SleepsEdit

Ochiba, Isi, and the rest of the captured remained in the Cave of the Ancients, untouched and unconscious, for at least 15 years. Ochiba was identified by Sleepy and her rescue party, but, because of time and resource restrictions, he was not among the first 5 people liberated during her first wave of rescues.

Ochiba and Isi were not mentioned in the Annals by name again, so their specific fates are not known. But, according to a blanket statement recorded by Sleepy, they were among those released from their stasis by Company wizards during one of Sleepy's subsequent expeditions back and forth between the fortress and the Company's new headquarters, the Abode of Ravens in Hsien. Ochiba presumably participated in the creation and training of the Company's new army, recruited from Hsien. It is also known that, less than five years after Ochiba's liberation (toward the end of Soldiers Live) Croaker noted that only he (Croaker) and Lady remained alive of the Captured. If this is accurate, it meant that Ochiba died sometime either during the four-year gap between Water Sleeps and Soldiers Live (like Otto and Hagop, who died of natural causes in peacetime), or, more likely, during combat in Soldiers Live (such as, the Battle at the Shadowlander cemetery or the Siege of Taglios).