Oar, capital of the province of Forsberg

Oar is a large city in the north of The Lady's Empire. It is the capital of the province of Forsberg, located in the northernmost territory just south of the Great Forest. It is the last major city south of the Barrowland.

The Black CompanyEdit

The city of Oar had a large, homegrown, underground Rebel presence prior to, and during, The Black Company. Unlike other Rebel groups, the cell in Oar was very independent-minded. This was because the local Rebel leadership did not defer to the Circle of Eighteen, which was the alliance of generals which directly commanded all other Rebel hierarchies.

The stable-keeper Cornie was a member of Oar's Rebels. Cornie was coerced by the Black Company into making his Rebel companions kidnap Colonel Zouad, who was the favorite enforcer of the Company's main Imperial rival, the Limper. The Rebels tortured Zouad in their hidden headquarters until they were interrupted by the Limper. Many Oar Rebels were buried alive alongside Zouad and the Limper when Shapeshifter sprung his trap on them all. In the hours that followed, Shapeshifter and the Black Company wiped out the remaining Rebels in wild combat throughout the streets of Oar.

The Black Company's victory in Oar was quickly reversed, however, when Raker swept through the city and recaptured it for the Circle from the Limper's leaderless army. The city was now part of the Circle's growing northern holdings.

Shadows LingerEdit

Like most other cities that had been lost to the Circle, Oar was recaptured by The Lady's Imperial armies after the Rebel's horrendous defeat at the Battle of Charm.

A full eight years after the Company had been in Oar, Croaker soared over the city with Whisper on her flying carpet during their flight to the Barrowland. They flew so low he could distinguish faces in the streets. In his Annals he commented that the inhabitants looked no more friendly to the Lady's agents now than they did those eight years ago.

The Silver SpikeEdit

During The Silver Spike, Oar and many other places in Forsberg were sacked by the Limper and Toadkiller Dog, and their ragtag force containing mainly savages from the Great Forest.

Shortly later, the Empire's Nightstalker Brigade was ordered to quarantine Oar when it was revealed that the silver spike was hidden somewhere within its walls; people could come in, but they were not allowed out. The influx of fortune-seekers looking for the silver spike put a strain on the city's infrastructure. These squalid conditions led to an outbreak of cholera which would claim many lives, including Old Man Fish. The Limper himself returned to Oar all the way from the Temple of Travellers' Repose in the Southern Continent. Darling commanded a force of dangerous creatures from the Plain of Fear to prevent the spike from getting into the wrong hands. Many powerful sorcerers (including the Limper; Exile; the twins Gossamer and Spidersilk; a large entourage of wizards from the Tower at Charm; and Bomanz the Wakener) and other influential individuals (including Silent, Raven, and the monster Toadkiller Dog) were all killed in the subsequent chaotic confrontation on and near the walls of Oar.