The Nyueng Bao De Duang (often shortened to Nyueng Bao) is a race in the Southern Continent of the homeworld which descended from a band of fugitives from the entirely different world known as Hsien. The Nyueng Bao live in a swampy river delta on the western coast, but the entire population -- approximately 1,800 people -- makes a "once-in-a-generation" pilgrimage. It was during such a pilgrimage that the Nyueng Bao were trapped in the Siege of Dejagore, recounted in Bleak Seasons. During this event, the Nyueng Bao were targeted by Pal Subhir's Taglian soldiers, who were in league with Mogaba. Roughly two-thirds of the Nyueng Bao, including their Speaker (leader) Ky Dam and his wife Hong Tray, were killed during the horrific urban fighting.

The 600 Nyueng Bao survivors were given indispensable help by the Black Company standard-bearer, Murgen. Many, such as Uncle Doj, Ky Sahra, and Thai Dei, would become key allies of the Company for years afterward. Sahra's son Tobo, fathered by Murgen, would grow to become an immensely powerful sorcerer.

The Nyueng Bao are a minuscule minority. Even before the genocide that reduced them to one-third of their original population, they were abhorred and perceived as primitive by the majority Gunni, Vehdna, and Shadar religious-ethnic groups.

By the end of Soldiers Live, all those Nyueng Bao who had remained with the Company upon reaching Taglios had stolen away to their native swamps.

Bodyguards for the Black CompanyEdit

A handful of the Nyueng Bao who became bodyguards for the Black Company "Old Crew" were named in the Annals. This group was most active during She Is The Darkness, the Kiaulune wars, and Water Sleeps. The most prominent of these by far was Thai Dei, who, by the time of Soldiers Live, was "one of very few Nyueng Bao still dedicating himself to bodyguarding".

Nyueng Bao bodyguard Black Company soldier
Thai Dei Murgen
Suyen Dinh Duc Big Bucket
"JoJo" (Cho Dai Cho) One-Eye
Thien Duc Goblin
Pham Quang unspecified