Narayan Singh was a short, unkempt man who appeared for the first time in the annals after the Battle of Dejagore. After the battle, Lady was separated from her soldiers and Singh escorted her to safety. From that time he began acting as Lady's advisor.

While he was not part of the nobility, many were shown to pay him respect and follow his orders. Later it was revealed that he was secretly one of the "living saints" of the Stranglers, or Deceivers, a cult that worshiped the god Kina. His strangling rumel was black, which signified that he belonged to the highest ranks of the cult and that he had personally killed over a 100 people.

Narayan Singh pretended to serve Lady for nearly a year. His cult eliminated some of her political opponents and even welcomed her into their temple and cult. Once Lady gave birth, she was betrayed by the cult. The Stranglers attacked the palace and kidnapped her newborn daughter, who was presumed to be the Daughter of Night, a partial reincarnation of Kina.

Singh acted as a mentor and even father for the Daughter of Night for several years. Through his ingenuity and with Kina's help, he continually evaded and escaped captivity. He was captured the last time by the Black Company after its return from Hsien. Goblin, who was possessed by Kina's servant the Khadidas, secretly executed him with a rumel and replaced him as a guardian of the Daughter of Night.