Murgen was a brother of the Black Company, and as standard-bearer and later Annalist, one of its most important members. Standard-bearers were responsible for displaying and protecting the Company banner, which was affixed to the ancient Lance of Passion. He was the Annalist for the events of Bleak Seasons and She is the Darkness. Murgen would gain the ability to leave his body and walk freely in spirit form. Like Croaker, he stood more than six feet tall. Murgen, introspective and taciturn, was described by Lady as "permanently sad" in Dreams of Steel.

The White RoseEdit

Murgen served for a time in one of the Lady's imperial armies. He then joined the Black Company after their rebellion against their employer, namely, sometime after the end of Shadows Linger. He is mentioned briefly, only twice by name, in The White Rose. He was among the 10 Company survivors of the Battle of the Barrowland. At that time he was 28 years old and was the youngest among them. He set out with Croaker, Lady, One-Eye, Goblin, Otto, and Hagop southward, toward Khatovar, the fabled origin of the Company.

Shadow GamesEdit

Murgen made the journey with the 6 other remaining Company members across the Sea of Torments from Opal in the Northern Continent to Beryl in the Southern. At some point during this trek, Murgen started his training as understudy annalist. Their march southward was prevented by the Shadowmasters and their armies. The Black Company was hired to defeat them and Murgen fought in several battles. At first the Company was winning. They defeated several of their armies and even managed to eliminate one of their leaders. At the Battle of Dejagore Murgen pierced the Shadowmaster Moonshadow with the Lance of Passion (affixed to the same pole as the Black Company standard) thus rendering the sorcerer powerless.

The defeat of Moonshadow was not enough, and due to unforeseen circumstances the Black Company lost the Battle of Dejagore. Croaker was grievously wounded, so Murgen tried in vain to assume command of the army. He abandoned the standard to put on Croaker's Widowmaker armor, but he could not stop the retreat. Their forces were split in two.

Dreams of Steel and Bleak SeasonsEdit

After the Battle of Dejagore, Murgen and some of the Company survivors retreated behind the Dejagore city walls, where they suffered the Siege of Dejagore at the hands of Shadowspinner for several months. This is when Murgen recorded the annals for the events of Bleak Seasons. Lady and the others managed to retreat far away, and she concurrently wrote the annals of Dreams of Steel. The surviving soldiers The conditions were very harsh and the mortality rate was high. Mogaba, the highest ranking officer, was the official leader of the Company within the city. His ruthless methods, which involved executions and terror, were supported by the Nar recruits from Gea-Xle. Murgen lead the veterans opposed to Mogaba's actions.

During the siege Murgen fell in love with Ky Sahra, a beautiful Nyueng Bao woman with green eyes, which was uncommon for her people. Murgen saved her and some members of her family, and she became his wife. After the siege ended, they went to Taglios with the rest of the Black Company. Murgen officially succeeded Croaker as Annalist and also given his room. About a week later the Stranglers attacked the palace with the intention to kill the Captain of the Black Company. Sahra was supposedly killed during the attack and Murgen was completely devastated. During this time, Murgen frequently exercised "spirit walking" through space and time to gain valuable intelligence about the movements of friends and enemies alike. He was able to do this when in proximity to Smoke, a comatose wizard whose soul had lost its natural anchors to his body.

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She Is the DarknessEdit

Murgen and the Company continued their war with the last remaining Shadowmaster: Longshadow. After a long campaign the sorcerer was defeated and captured by the Company during the Siege of Overlook. Longshadow was protecting a gate to the Plain of Glittering Stone, which Croaker decided to explore. Murgen's standard allowed the group to enter the Plain, but their expedition was not successful. They fell into a trap, devised by Soulcatcher. Murgen and many of the Company's members became the Captured: frozen beneath the Fortress With No Name at the center of the Plain, within the Cave of the Ancients.

Water Sleeps and Soldiers LiveEdit

During his imprisonment among the Captured beneath the Plain, Murgen manifested his spirit walking ability again. He discovered his wife was actually alive. Sahra also felt his presence and realized he was imprisoned and in need of help. She and Sleepy led the remnants of the Company against the armies of Soulcatcher and Mogaba for years, referred to as the Kiaulune wars. They remained in touch with him using a magic apparatus called the mist projector, and eventually freed Murgen and the rest of the Captured. He was finally reunited with his wife Sahra and his son Tobo, but did not have much time to enjoy this reunion. Murgen and several other valuable Company members and allies (most prominently the Howler, the First Father, and Nashun the Researcher) were all killed by shadows during a disastrous attempt to capture Mogaba in the palace of Taglios.