Moonshadow was one of the four Shadowmasters.

Before the Annals Edit

Moonshadow rose to power with Longshadow, Shadowspinner, and Stormshadow, and they established the Shadowlands in the deep south of the world. They then turned on one another, quarreling for control. They rejoined forces in fear of Shapeshifter and the Black Company as they traveled southward toward the Shadowmasters' holdings.

Shadow GamesEdit

Moonshadow fought the Black Company outside the city of Dejagore. The Company's sorcerers Goblin and One-Eye created an illusionary legion, which Croaker led in his black armor and fiery sword. Among the illusion there were also real soldiers and elephants. In the last moment the elephants attacked the Shadowmaster and crushed him, even though he killed many. Murgen impaled his broken body on the Lance of Passion, but Moonshadow was still alive.

Dreams of SteelEdit

Both the lance and the sorcerer were taken away by Soulcatcher. Upon removing his mask, Soulcatcher realized he was not one of the Ten Who Were Taken. She tortured him for information about his origin, but received no answers. Before moving on, she burned Moonshadow to ashes.