Mogaba was one of the 32 Nar warriors who joined the Black Company in Gea-Xle. The Nar had been living according the Company's ancient traditions, but had been unknown to the northern group until they met in Gea-Xle. Mogaba was the strongest and most skilled of them all. Each of his men had defeated a hundred others in order to join the march to Khatovar, which was a religious act in their eyes. Mogaba became the Company's greatest enemy in the Books of Glittering Stone, and dealt them several defeats and in several instances having no magical support.

Shadow Games Edit

Mogaba is first met by the Company shortly after they entered Gea-Xle. However, due to the language barrier he is falsely viewed as a thug by Croaker, and is turned away much to is ire. With the help of Frogface however, Mogaba was able to explain the group were actually descendants of the Black Company’s brothers. When the Company subsequently took the commission to escort a barge fleet and defeat pirates between the city and Thresh, Mogaba and the other 31 best warriors requested to join them. With the Company being so small, Croaker agreed.

Croaker was impressed by him and described him as the best soldier he had ever seen. He became the commander of the infantry and was given one of the Black Company's legions. During the Battle of Dejagore he and his Nar were forced to retreat to the city, after being overwhelmed by Shadowlander forces, along with the remnants of the Black Company.

Dreams of Steel and Bleak Seasons Edit

Shadowspinner, now alone was forced to besiege Dejagore with his surviving troops. Using siege tactics, Spinner locked the city down, resulting in famine and disease to spread throughout the city. Murgen later revealed that Mogaba was actually of the cult of Kina and was drinking the blood ofhis victims and eating their flesh. He had planned to become the Captain of the Black Company and follow their original and sinister mission. It was also possible however he was manipulated as pawn by Kina in the same way Howler and Longshadow were. In addition, the aggressive night raids he led himself against Spinner's army likely helped save the city.

Once Shadowspinner was defeated Croaker entered the city to negotiate with Mogaba. He handed over the city peacefully. He even asked for a merciful death as there was a shadow implanted in him. Croaker chose to spare his life, as he sensed there was still something good left in there.

She Is the Darkness Edit

After Mogaba's flight South and isolation he saw no other option for himself, and joined with Longshadow. With the other three Shadowmasters all dead, Mogaba was appointed as commander of the remaining armies of the Shadowlands, along with the Howler. Despite their significant defeats in the north, Mogaba raised enough soldiers that he was confident in his ability to defeat Croaker and the army of Taglios in open battle.

After the major defeat at the Battle of Charandaprash, Mogaba took control of the Shadowlander forces and was able successfully fight a tactical retreat across the Charandaprash Mountains, saving thousands of soldiers. This resulted in the Black Company having to fight heavy resistance all the way towards Overlook and subsequently fight in urban combat with entrenched troops at Shadowcatch. When Longshadow fell and was captured by the Company, Mogaba's allegiance again transferred, this time to Soulcatcher in her new role as Protector of all Taglios.

Water Sleeps Edit

Under Soulcatcher's new regime, Mogaba took on the title of Great General and commanded much of Taglios' military. He also formed the Second Territorial, an elite regiment of soldiers trained the same way the Nar were when in Gea-Xle. With the Black Company crippled but still active, Mogaba was keen to root out the survivors, having not combated a worthy foe in many years. However, he was instead ordered to patrol the provinces outside the city, with Willow Swan and his Greys being given the task of hunting down the Company. This largely involved stamping out the remnants of the Stranglers, and dealing with minor rebellions which Catcher often instigated herself. As a result, Mogaba came to despise the Taken, which would later prompt him to turn on her.

Soldiers Live Edit

Mogaba, now growing to hate Soulcatcher's tyranny as the Protector of Taglios decided to consider rebellion. He managed to gather support from Ghopal Singh, commander of the Greys and Aridatha Singh, commander of the City Battalions. Combined they plotted to overthrow the Taken, whilst working on occasion with the Black Company to remove her, given their lack of sorcerous allies.

In Taglios, Mogaba used the remainder of Soulcatcher's shadows to wipe out an assassination team, including Howler and Murgen, that had been sent to remove him. His defense of the city killed many of the Black Company's best soldiers, including the Captain, Sleepy. Eventually, Mogaba fled the city with the other high officers who had helped rule Taglios under the Protector. However, their ship was assaulted by the Unknown Shadows under Tobo's control, and Mogaba along with Ghopal finally met their grim end after days of torture. Despite this they were seem by Taglios' populace as martyrs, accepting defeat under the Black Company rather than sacrifice the city under a threat of blood-shead.