Mercy wasn't one of my favourite people. He never stopped being the boy who pulled wings off flies.

Croaker, The Black Company

Mercy was a prominent sergeant in the Black Company. He was active prior to the events of the first book, and during the events in Beryl.

The Black Company Edit

Croaker described him as particularly vicious and cut-throat, even among Company brothers. He led the raid on the Mole Tavern, announced that Verus was charged with murder, and killed a number of Blue loyalists and enraged civilians when they rose up in arms.

When three mutinous groups of Urban Cohorts rebelled against the Syndic, they clashed with Mercy and his platoon who were manning a strong-point at the Rubbish Gate. Mercy was able to successfully repel them, but was fatally wounded during the fight along with most of his men.