The Massacre at Khadi Junction occurred when Lady led nearly a thousand priests to Khadi Junction in Taglios and then executed them with archers.

The Taglian priesthood, divided into three factions, caused constant problems for the state, and later Croaker and Lady. Lady used building crews to work on fortifications for a military encampment near Taglios that were previously being used to build a wall around Taglios, a project that could not possibly be finished within a useful time-period. The priests ordered the workers to cease work on the fortifications.

Lady sent word to the priests to meet at Khadi Junction, hinting that she would be resigning her position as Dictator of Taglios. The priests excitedly gathered to hear her abdication.

Lady had several hundred archers take the owners of homes around the square hostage and position themselves at windows. She then delivered a speech regarding the pitfalls of factionalism, and the doom that would face Taglios if that factionalism was allowed to continue. She declared that Taglios would put forth one face from that day on, fighting the Shadowmasters relentlessly. As she spoke, more of her troops placed barriers at all of the exits to the square. When her speech was complete, the archers opened fire and all of the priests were killed.

This event had long lasting political consequences in Taglios. The state was able to accumulate power while the priesthood worked to replace leaders and rebuild their organizations.

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