Marron Shed was the owner of the Iron Lilly Inn in the Buskin, a very poor section of the city of Juniper. His aged and sickly mother lived in the Lilly and helped to clean the rooms when she was at her best health. By chance, Raven and Darling came to the city and stayed at his inn. Darling also started working there as a barmaid.

Shed was unable to afford the Lilly and was heavily in debt, so he turned to Raven for help, who always seemed to have money. Raven took him into the body selling business, and he aided Raven in selling bodies to the creatures of the Black Castle. Shed was very cowardly, but he slowly found a source of inner strength.

He was in debt to a prominent debtor in the Buskin, who decided to kill Raven for opposing him. Shed and Raven killed the debtor and all of his henchmen through an improvised ambush, building Shed's confidence.

Shed was kind to a few in his community, such as a boy named Asa, who he allowed to sleep in front of the fire in out of the cold when he brought firewood. Asa was as close of a friend as Shed had, but their relationship was tenuous because of Asa's lack of loyalty and Shed's anxieties over his illegal activity. At some point Raven and Shed caught Asa gleaning wood from a walled portion of Juniper and stealing coins from the Catacombs, the ancient burial site of all of those from Juniper.

When Raven left Juniper, Shed continued selling bodies to the Black Castle and quickly allowed his lust and greed to grow. He became further in debt than ever, through the help of a prostitute who tricked him into believing that she loved him and her pimp, a debtor named Gilbert. Shed captured the prostitute and took her to the Black Castle and was well paid for her.

Shed hired his cousin Wally to help him run the Lilly, who stole a large sum of money from him. He tracked down and killed Wally in his rage, and then sold his body to the Castle creatures. He then helped to support Wally's wife and children out of guilt, acquiring further dependents in addition to his mother.

Shed allowed Lisa Daele Bowalk, a woman who had previously acted as a barmaid for him, to assume part ownership of the Lilly and control over his finances. Lisa tricked him into admitting his part in selling bodies to the Black Castle creatures and forced him into continuing the venture. Together they killed Gilbert and delivered him to the castle.

On their return from one of their trips to the Castle, they were captured by the Black Company. They pretended that he was dead, to prevent the Taken from questioning him and learning of Raven, and allowed them to take Lisa instead. Shed became a captive of the Company, allowed to continue life as before as owner of the Iron Lilly. During the battle with the Black Castle, he boarded a ship and escaped south.

Shed attempted to become a part owner in an Inn in his new city, but found a newly formed Black Castle nearby. While investigating it he was again captured by the now decimated Black Company. He was killed while attempting to kill the Limper, and his final wish saved Asa's life, who had unwillingly aided the Limper in finding them.

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