Lisa Daele Bowalk was introduced in the second book of the series, Shadows Linger. She was hired as a barmaid by Marron Shed, owner of the the Iron Lily Inn in Juniper, to protect her from her abusive father. She was curious about his improved finances after Raven's arrival and seduced him, in order to find out more. He revealed that he was supplying bodies for the Black Castle and Lisa also got involved in the business. She was found with a cargo of bodies, and was captured by the Taken, after which her status was unknown.

Bowalk was encountered again many years later. Once the Black Company left The Lady's Empire and headed South, they had several encounters with a forvalaka. They believed that the forvalaka was actually Shapeshifter, who had supposedly been killed at the Battle of Charm years ago. The Taken had her as an apprentice, and taught her the ability to shapeshift into a forvalaka. However, Shifter did not trust her completely, and built a "deadman-loop" into the spells which Bowalk used to transform into the monster. In the event of his death, she would be trapped in the monster's shape.

At the Battle of Dejagore, Bowalk witnessed the death of her master Shapeshifter at the hands of One-Eye. She was released by them out of mercy. She continued chasing and attacking the Company for years. They suspected her motive was to avenge Shapeshifter and also that she was unable to return to her human form.

When Croaker launched his campaign towards Overlook, Bowalk was taken in by Goblin who convinced her that he could return her to her human form. She worked for Goblin for several months doing his bidding, who continually reassured her that he and One-Eye could find a solution to her shapeshifting. She eventually turned on him, but he captured her by causing her to magically bind her claws to an object shaped like him.

Bowalk was kept in a cage too small to sit up in to prevent her from using her terrible strength to escape. She was brought onto the Plain of Glittering Stone when Croaker launched his scouting mission onto it. She escaped from her cage after Soulcatcher captured those on the Plane, and escaped into the world in which Khatovar had existed. A chief Voroshk patriarch who lived there was able to help her attain human form for only an hour or two at a time, after which she would revert to the forvalaka shape. Her new Voroshk allies helped her to attack the Company, now in Hsien, where she managed to kill One-Eye before escaping. Croaker, Lady, and several other older members of the Company tracked her across the Plain to Khatovar and there tricked, ambushed, and killed her.