The Lance of Passion was an artifact that the Black Company has carried since its creation in Khatovar. It was over 3 meters long and its head was around 45 cm (18 inches). There were eight of those spears and each of the Free Companies of Khatovar were given one. The metal heads had been forged from the sword of a demon king devoured by Kina. The shafts of the lances were also legendary. Some were created from body parts of various deities (including bones from Kina herself), some were created from a tree which imprisoned a goddess.

The brothers of the Black Company had forgotten that they possessed such a powerful weapon. It was just used as a shaft for their banner. The banner itself was a vast piece of cloth, embroidered with the Company's symbol: a silver circle surrounding a silver human skull with elongated canine teeth. The skull lacked a lower jaw and was emanating fire from its eyes and mouth. The skull was actually Soulcatcher's sigil. The color of their previous banner was scarlet, decorated with hanged men and daggers. Its meaning was long forgotten.

The Lance of Passion was carried by Murgen, as he was the Company’s standardbearer. Murgen lost the lance at the Battle of Dejagore, where it was picked up by Soulcatcher. In Taglios the Shadowmasters tried to kidnap her and Croaker protected her with the Lance. Howler managed to take her, but almost died of the received wounds.

Apart from being a dangerous weapon, the Lance was also a key for the Shadowgates and allowed its bearer a safe passage through the Plain of Glittering Stone. It was sealed beneath the plain along with Murgen and the rest of the Captured.

The Lance of Passion never left the Plain of Glittering Stone. Once the Captured were rescued, they accidentally found Kina’s resting place. Goblin attacked her with the Lance, trying to buy some time, so that the others could escape. The artifact was lost forever.