Ky Gota was the incarnation of dissatisfaction and complaint. Her lamentations and reproaches were of such amazing potency that it seemed she must be an avatar of some cranky old deity as yet undiscovered by man.

Sleepy, Water Sleeps

Ky Gota was a prominent member of the Nyueng Bao tribe, the mother of Sahra and Thai Dei, and the grandmother of Tobo and To Tan. Her husband died while her two children were still young. She stayed in close proximity to her parents, Hong Tray and Ky Dam, who were effectively the leaders of the Nyueng Bao. She was present for a significant portion of the Black Company's history in the Southern Continent, beginning with the harrowing Siege of Dejagore.

Mother Gota was notorious for her awful personality, but this was attributed to continuous physical pain that she suffered. She was also infamous for her horrible cooking, often accused of being capable of burning water. One of the only times she would snap out of her offensive diatribes would be in the presence of To Tan, her grandson.

She often followed Uncle Doj and aided him in his quests. Gota and One-Eye grew to care for each another, and spent the remainder of their days together after the Captured were trapped below the Plain of Glittering Stone.

Name Edit

The Nyueng Bao place the personal name last, so Gota's family name is Ky.