Murgen by Didier Graffet

Kina by Didier Graffet

Kina was a powerful entity imprisoned beneath the Fortress With No Name for millennia. She was worshiped as the goddess of death in Taglios and elsewhere in the Southern Continent, and a wide variety of myths attempt to explain her existence. Constantly planning her return, she mentally reached out to countless individuals across many or all of the 16 worlds linked by the Plain of Glittering Stone.

In the homeworld, her worshipers were called Stranglers or Deceivers. Her cult was forbidden there as it included human sacrifices. The Free Companies of Khatovar were actually created by her servants in a different world, Khatovar, and were sent out to choose the location of her return during the prophesied Year of the Skulls.

Kina appeared alternatively as a beautiful woman with perfect proportions, sleeping naked but covered in scars; or in other circumstances, a hideous demon. In the dreams that Murgen and Lady had about her, she appeared as a colossus with four arms and demonic face.

Kina's messiah was the Daughter of Night, who was helped by Narayan Singh, the living saint of her cult. Those two failed to resurrect her. Kina was wounded gravely by Goblin, who pierced her with the Lance of Passion. She used this event as an opportunity, however, and sent out a loyal demon, the Khadidas, from her nostril to take possession of Goblin's body. The Khadidas and the Daughter failed to transcribe the Books of the Dead, however.

She was later attacked again by Goblin, who pierced her skull with One-Eye's spear, and was disintegrated by Croaker when he detonated Goblin's rheitgeistiden in her chamber.