Kiaulune (also called Shadowcatch and the New Town) is the southernmost city of the Southern Continent of the homeworld. It is located as far south from the Sea of Torments as possible before reaching the shadowgate, beyond which is the Plain of Glittering Stone. The city's name in fact translates to "Shadow Gate". A genuinely ancient city, its libraries housed an immense store of ancient lore.

Before the Annals Edit

The librarians of Kiaulune recorded the entry of all the Free Companies of Khatovar as they accessed the homeworld via the shadowgate, each using a magic lance as their shadowgate key. And, the librarians likewise recorded the return of all but one, the Black Company. This Company had lost its original mission over the centuries, forgot that their Lance of Passion was actually a shadowgate key, and became simply a band of mercenaries that migrated slowly northward for generations.

Books of the SouthEdit

After the Shadowmasters captured a lesser-known city called Pityus, they made their first significant conquest: Kiaulune. Longshadow changed its name to Shadowcatch, and he built his fortress Overlook not far south of it. Only the conquered peoples of the Shadowlands referred to the city by the name Shadowcatch. He then jealously scoured the libraries for arcane secrets and sorcery, stealing everything only for himself, and wiping out anyone who shared the knowledge he coveted.

Kiaulune was devastated by the tremendous earthquakes caused by Soulcatcher's irresponsible tinkering in the throne room of Shivetya far away on the Plain of Glittering Stone. Many thousands died in the tremors. This city and its surrounding areas were also the battlegrounds of the Kiaulune wars. In Soldiers Live, Croaker mentioned it had become a region of bustling reconstruction.