Khucho was a member of the Nar, the elite military class in the city of Gea-Xle. He joins Mogaba and 31 other Nar on the Black Company's pilgrimage back to their roots in Shadow Games.

At Battle of Dejagore, once the second Shadowmaster army appears, the Company and the Nar are driven into the city with Mogaba's surviving forces. He endures the Siege of Dejagore with them. Trapped in the city, he joins the Nar faction out of loyalty to Mogaba, whereas Murgen, One-Eye, Goblin, Big Bucket, and others distance themselves from the Nar. Khucho was presumably one of the handful of Nar who participated in cannibalism with Mogaba at this time. Others, like Sindawe, did not. When Croaker finally entered the city and met Mogaba in public, Mogaba watched as Sindawe and a dozen of the remaining Nar crossed over to Croaker. Mogaba departed, and Khucho was one of only three Nar who left with him.

Khucho fought at the Battle of Charandapresh but was grievously wounded there or during the fighting withdrawal afterward. One of his legs was amputated. Khucho was slain by Goblin's men during an ambush of the fleeing Shadowlander army. He was the last of Mogaba's Nar.